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Marsala Bridesmaid Dresses

Marsala Bridesmaid Dresses

If you have been looking for a bridesmaid dress in this color, you might be having a tough time. Here are some of our favorites in this fetching hue.








For starters, marsala is a Pantone color reference, not necessarily a common color we encounter at every department store. Essentially, marsala is a wine shade–a red with a hint of dark brown and rich berries.  And, as always, when you are looking for any color should find something  with an undertone that highlights your complexion or blends best with your decor.








These first couple of dresses border on ruby wine, but is a marsala-esque shade that would work really well on cool-toned bridesmaids. It generally looks better with silver accessories instead of gold ones and would also pick up the pink from flowers in your bouquet really well.   I also think this is a beautiful marsala shade for summer, when you might not want the deep, rich depth that some of the dresses have further down in this post.












This next group of wine dresses might be described as the Bordeaux side of marsala. They are very warm and have a touch more red to them. They are a little richer, a little more luxe.  Consider pairing  these with gold accessories and elegant details. Marsala isn’t a light and carefree color, as you can tell. This shade is for weddings that are a little bit moody and mysterious with a definite elegant side.








Do not even get me started on this phenomenal Baroque-print dress below.  It’s just divine and I can’t image it working as well in any other shade.  You can’t tell from this image, but it also features a pretty amazing statement back.






This floor length dress is for a more formal, evening wedding. With such stunning bodice work, keep the accessories to statement earrings or bracelet.








These two dresses below show the shade starting to move in more of a berry direction. This is a fun, neutral color that will work on a wide variety of skin tones.












Probably the absolute closest example of the Pantone marsala is this dress below. It’s a bit warm-toned, but also isn’t an in-your-face wine. It’s subtle and refined and a little earthy.








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