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MOB Dresses in Jewel Tones

MOB Dresses in Jewel Tones

From traditional emerald green mother of the bride dresses to va-va voom sapphire blue sheaths, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite dresses for the MOB and MOG.





The best thing about jewel tones?  There is one out there for everybody.  And especially for women with gray hair, jewel tones make your whole complexion light up.


Let’s start with amethyst. This elegant and regal color goes with a wide variety of color palettes (not that you have to match the bridal party, but you also don’t want to clash). It’s also great for ladies who aren’t 100% comfortable with color.  If you would ordinarily purchase a black dress, but don’t want to wear black to your child’s wedding, amethyst is the perfect color for you.  Darker shades are just as flattering as black provided you stick to one color.






Ruby and garnet gowns are terrific options for the more color-confident woman.  Remember that red is really eye-catching, and you don’t want to be accused of trying to take attention away from the bride.  Dark rubies and garnets are red’s sophisticated and conservative cousin.  Fantastic for an event in which you want to look your best, but not put on a show.





Sapphire is such a luminous shade of blue, which is why I love the gown above. The fabric’s sheen gives the dress a total glow, and the lace-topped bodice and collar is ideal for a woman who prefers to be more covered up.  Ever since I saw this dress I keep thinking how terrific Diane Keaton would look in it!





When wearing sapphire as the mother of the bride or groom, balance out the brightness with the silhouette.  For example, this deeper sapphire (above) complements this slightly sexy sheath (you rock it, mama), whereas this more vibrant shade (below) keeps a basic silhouette from being overly matronly.





There is a reason that emerald green was the color of the year in 2013.  It’s freaking gorgeous (and looks especially amazing on those with hazel eyes and/or red hair).  When wearing such a strong shade, you don’t need to accessorize a ton–keep it simple and refined.  As with any dress, play up what you love and disguise what you don’t.  Have amazing arms, but not in love with your abs?  Go for a sleeveless dress with an interesting neckline, and an empire waist (above, right).  Long and lean?  Add curves to your figure with a waist detail, but show off your height in a sheath silhouette (below).






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