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NYE Inspired Bridesmaid Dresses That Shine

NYE Inspired Bridesmaid Dresses That Shine

If you are still looking for the perfect bridesmaid dresses, pay special attention to the styles you see this NYE. There might be something out there that all your girls can sparkle in.


two piece dress



Your bridesmaid dresses don’t need to be traditional. Why not hop on the two-piece trend? Not only will your ladies look super stylish, they are more likely to wear at least one of the pieces again!

silver dress


Modern Ice Queen

In this dress, your bridesmaids will sparkle like icicles in the sun, and no doubt look just as beautiful. This number is the perfect addition to a modern wedding.


long ombre dress



If sequins aren’t your thing, consider something metallic and shiny. This one transitions from black to gold, giving a really majestic feel to your wedding while your bridesmaids will love the trendy sophistication of the long dress.

shiny bridesmaid dresses



Bridesmaid dresses should both look and feel good, since your ladies will be rocking them all day long. An A-line shape is flattering to most body types and gives great ease of movement while standing, walking, dancing, and having a great time.


copper sequin dress



Metallic colors have been making waves in the fashion world, but none like copper. Difficult to find and desired by many, this copper sequined dress will shine like no other!


sequined dress



If you can’t quite commit to either silver or gold, why not settle on a subtle champagne? As you can see, this dress has both silver and gold sequins which from a distance meld together to create a wonderfully soft shade.


duo colored sequin dress


Two Toned

This is one of the most entertaining bridesmaid dresses you will ever see! Arrange your sequins one way to get gold, and the other way to get black. You won’t be able to stop swiping your hand back and forth to get an amazing dual color design. Just make sure your bridesmaids aren’t playing with their dresses while they’re standing in front of all your guests!


gold kimono


Kimono Inspired

We love the reappearance of the kimono style dress with its lovely shape, graceful draping, and low cut back. A long, sparkling frock like this is bound to turn a lot of heads, so your friends should be ready for plenty of attention!


pink dress



If you are a sequin lover in moderation, choose bridesmaid dresses that use sequins sparingly for detail design. Here’s a great dress that is saved from being too plain with the addition of elaborate sleeve details.


silver silk gown



If you are planning a vintage affair, perhaps a satin gown would complement the theme nicely. No sparkle, just shine, these bridesmaid dresses will highlight the beauty of your closest friends and make them feel special on this important day.