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Preppy Bridesmaid Dresses

Preppy Bridesmaid Dresses



Whether your preppy wedding was born of a love of East Coast sophistication, or your teenage obsession with Heathers, they are known for their classic style.  Take a note from some of these chic, simple, bridesmaid dresses to find a great preppy frock for your friends!






There is a wide range of preppy dresses to choose from, but among the most popular are those in navy and those sporting stripes. This modern sheath above is both timeless and modern, so your bridesmaid could definitely wear it again after your big day. Below, if your bridesmaids are younger and feeling bold, why not have them wear a striped mini-dress to your wedding. The simple powder blue and white design would go well with a preppy event in a pastel palette.











One shared characteristic of most preppy bridesmaid dresses is simplicity. You aren’t going to find a lot of fussy over-constructed elements in these looks. A strapless neckline with cotton piping, petite bow at the sash, or solid fabric all speak to the traditional style of these clothes.













If you want your prep with a side of peppy 1980s flair, embrace juicier colors like a raspberry grosgrain ribbon sash with a navy sheath, or a bright pink cotton sundress with an aqua flower.







Loving the trend of all-white dresses?  Select a lace dress with a peplum for a little bit of preppy fun. The image above is styled with strappy shoes and a sparkly necklace. Substitute a strand of pearls and a simple pair of peep toes for a more classically preppy look.


If you don’t want them to wear white, but you would prefer muted colors, try out seersucker.  A staple for Southern and preppy brides, pink or blue seersucker breathes really well on a hot summer day and is the epitome of effortless refinement.












When in doubt, go with a traditional bridesmaid dress that doesn’t have a lot of bedazzled, sparkly, or shiny details. Again, a preppy event is all about being simple and timeless. Choose a dress with a chic boatneck (above) or with an easy sash (below) and you are set!









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