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Summer Bridesmaids with Gorgeous Dresses & Enviable Style

Summer Bridesmaids with Gorgeous Dresses & Enviable Style

Take notes from these stylish bridal parties.


navy bridal party


Unique Necklines

When dressing your bridal party, there’s no more important thing to remember than that one dress doesn’t fit all. What looks smashing on one pal, will look dowdy on the next. These summer bridesmaids in navy are all wearing dresses with unique necklines and different sleeve lengths that suit each woman’s body type.




Detailed Complements

This purple wedding featured golden accents throughout. The bride incorporated her palette into her bridal party by having gold ribbons wound around each bouquet. The result was a sophisticated color combination that perfectly complemented the wedding’s decor.


bridesmaid in print dress


Vibrant Prints

Particularly with a small wedding party like this one, having your maid of honor choose a boldly patterned dress is a gorgeous option. The best part? A dress like this floral number is truly one she will wear again.


bright bridesmaid flats


Bright Accents

Make your summer bridesmaids stand out with attention-grabbing accessories. Turn a classic bridesmaid dress into a spectacular look courtesy of technicolor flats and textured toppers.


neutral bridal party


Traditional Elegance

Of course, you don’t have to wear vivid prints to be a standout bridal party. This group of bridesmaids all wore matching dresses in a creamy neutral shade of light sand. With the pops of pink from their bouquets, this was a very sophisticated statement.




Retro Glam

For modern weddings, dress your friends in something a bit spirited, with great movement and a pretty silhouette. These retro-inspired a-line dresses with long lace sleeves are absolutely adorable.




Pretty Pastels

For this casual Southern wedding, the bridesmaids each wore a different pastel shade, resulting in a muted rainbow of dreamy hues. A mismatched look like this is a convenient choice when your bridesmaids are all long-distance and everyone needs to go dress shopping solo.




Layered Shades

With a monochromatic spin, purple bridal parties have been all the rage this summer. Purple is one of those colors where different shades can look really splendid next to each other, giving the entire bridal party more depth and dimension in portraits.




Modern Style

Are your bridesmaids not overly fond of bridesmaid gowns? Skip the traditional and head to your usual go-to spot for LBDs and cocktail dresses. Find a sweet dress everyone loves and skip the taffeta.




Unexpected Choices

Ordinarily, you don’t think of bombastic shades of scarlet and hot pink going well together, but this bridal party absolutely pulls it off! Even if it eschews traditional fashion rules, go with what you know will look great.