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The Art of Mixing and Matching with Bari Jay Bridesmaids

It’s no easy feat to have your bridal party look cohesive while wearing different gowns. Here are a few simple tips from Bari Jay Bridesmaids.

You want all of your bridesmaids to feel beautiful on your wedding day, which usually means mixing and matching their dresses. 

1. Stick to a color palette.

Find a set of colors that work well together and stick to them. For example, if you want a black and white bridal party, keep it to those two colors. If you have some bridesmaids in midnight navy and others in cream, it might appear less congruent. One way to prevent this is to have everyone purchase their bridesmaid dresses from the same designer, so that you know the colors match.  You can even pick out various shades to focus on, such as blush and cream, and then add sequins with a rose gold hue to add a little sparkle.

2. Choose either a common silhouette or style.

While each bridesmaid in the bridal party above is wearing a unique dress, they all sort of fall under a long, flowy, slightly boho aesthetic. So, even though these Bari Jay dresses all feature a different neckline and bodice, they still look like they belong in the same group.

The dark silver sequined dresses below prove that you can use this technique for more modern events, as well. They are linked together by similarly draped necklines and their bold design.

3. Don’t forget about texture.

Fabrics all have their own signature texture, from soft and liquid silk to dynamic and sparkly sequins.  Use dresses in the same color, but mix and match different fabrics, necklines, and silhouettes for a stunning effect.  Above, these navy dresses all have at least one ‘statement’ feature to make each bridesmaid feel special.

Check out Bari Jay Bridesmaids to find great mix and match combos for your ladies!