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Cute Flower Girl Dresses

We’ve found some darling options for the little ladies taking center stage at your wedding (well, at least until you walk down the aisle).


Scanning Pinterest you come to realize two things: 1. Your cake decorating is never going to look like that, no matter how many tutorials you watch; and 2. There are few things more adorable than a well-dressed child.  Having once served as a flower girl, I know the importance first-hand of a skirt that twirls and makes you feel like a ballerina princess president (we all wanted to be that, right?).

Soft pink dresses work on many different skin tones and are also universally loved by grandmothers everywhere. Give the crowd what they want, and dress your tiny friends in pleats and ruffles (above) or voluminous soft skirts (below).



Having problems finding a formal white flower girl dress?  Try looking at communion dresses. This one below features cute cap sleeves and a ‘striped’ sheer overlay.  Great for a evening wedding!




Not all flower girl dresses have to be poofy and pink, though. Especially if you are having a more modern or casual wedding, consider prints and fun textures. Above, these two divas are all about the style in leopard print and faux fur collars.  Below, this very chic ensemble belongs at your black and white wedding. It just does. No arguments.





As we near the holiday season, formal dresses are everywhere right now. Take advantage of the season’s trends. Proving that floral doesn’t have to be reserved for summer, this print dress with a gold belt would be precious with dark tights and patent leather Mary Janes.  Also amazing is this ruby red toddler dress (above, right) with its large rosette on the bodice.  If you want super sparkle (and trust me, they will always be down for super sparkle) this silver sequined dress (below) is sure to steal the show and blend in perfectly with your metallic palette!





If you want less sparkle and more full-on chic walking down the aisle, dress her in knife pleats (above, left) or a drop waist black brocade.  Both of these will have your bridesmaids drooling with envy!

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