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Flower Girl Flowers & Alternatives

Flower Girl Flowers & Alternatives

While your big entrance will be the most memorable, count on your flower girl’s walk down the aisle to be the most adorable.  These pint-sized little cuties know how to steal the show and ensure the grandmothers’ cameras are out in time for your debut.


But being a flower girl is no easy task. First, you have to be in front of a whole lot of people, some that you know and others that are total strangers. Completely intimidating. And then you have to walk down that long aisle while scattering rose petals or flinging confetti. Fun, but a lot of responsibility. And during this whole time you’re pretty sure that you are supposed to be smiling. Downright impossible.










So how can you help make the flower girl’s job just a little easier?  Make sure your little lady is dressed in something relatively comfortable that she can move in and won’t irritate her skin (unlike your bridesmaids, your flower girl is sure to let everyone know if her dress is bothering her).  The most important thing you can do is to have her carry something that is age appropriate.


Preschool-aged flower girls might not be able to easily manage a basket or small bouquet, so just give her a stem or two.  Also very popular for younger flower girls are flower balls (above, right) with a ribbon that they can either hang on to, or that will dangle from their wrist.







Flower girls that are kindergarten-aged and older have the necessary coordination to hold a small bouquet. In fact, they’ll love having something to carry just like the ‘big’ girls!







Remember to make sure that the stems are clear of thorns or sharp leaves that might hurt their hands. Halfway down the aisle is a really inconvenient time to need a band-aid.







Older flower girls also might like the traditional option of carrying a basket of flower petals. Especially for the divas-in-training who are never more comfortable than when they are performing, these little ladies will love skipping along and tossing petals in their wake.







Let your flower girl practice with her basket at home, and don’t hinder the process with gloves or other accessories that might get in the way.







Floral crowns are very sweet on flower girls of all ages (plus you don’t have to worry about a laborious braid or updo getting ruined before showtime).  If you have a group of flower girls, put crowns on all of them.  Let the older girls walk with an additional bouquet or basket, and toddlers walk alongside them.







As an added bonus, floral crowns pretty much turn any girl into a fairy princess, so make sure that your photographer has time to capture these sweet moments.  You can give the photos to their mothers as a thank you present.










Don’t want flowers?  You can have your flower girls carry anything (or nothing) down the aisle.  Balloons are festive, fun, and light. And what kid doesn’t love a balloon?











You can also have your flower girls wheel down the aisle in a snazzy wagon courtesy of the ring bearer.







Of course, with today’s metallic trends, one of our favorite flower girl accessories is glittery confetti. Have her toss it down the aisle or have the confetti already lining the aisle and have your little cutie carry a banner instead.












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