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Best White Flower Crowns for Flower Girls

Best White Flower Crowns for Flower Girls
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The flower girl’s time in the spotlight is ephemeral, but her look should be memorable. The right hair accessory will be her crowning glory. Each bride strikes a tone for her wedding aesthetic, choosing from themes of Bohemian, beachy, rustic, glamorous, vintage and many more. Whatever the style, the flower girl’s crown, as tiny as it is, should emulate the feel of the wedding. Here, we’ve curated an array of white flower girl crowns from Etsy, Amazon and others to fit any aesthetic. 


Finding the Appropriate White Flower Girl Crown



White has been the color of weddings since the Victorian era and its popularity has yet to wane. Many brides love the ethereal mood that is conjured by a white flower crown on their smallest attendant, the flower girl. A white crown innately imparts a sense of timeless elegance to the flower girl’s ensemble. Beyond that, the bride must simply find the white flower crown that blends with her overall wedding aesthetic. It’s that easy.



How to Choose a White Flower Girl Crown



Fortunately, flower girl crowns are not typically expensive. Even a custom-made crown from Etsy can be had for a relative bargain. And as we’ve said before, gifting your flower girl with her crown is a nice gesture on your part.




Whether ivory, snowy white or tinged with a hint of blush, the color white is a classic choice for the flower girl crown. When it comes to the tone, consider the flower girl’s dress and choose flowers that match or blend with it. A snowy white dress deserves a crown as brightly white as its material. Ivory flowers look best with an ivory dress. And if the dress is pink, choose white flowers with a hint of blush.




Any gardener knows that the shape and form of a flower dictates the look of a garden. Fluffy, unruly flowers imbue a garden with a sense of unbridled naturalness. Tighter forms, as found in classic roses, impart a sense of elegance. Choose a flower crown with specific flowers that blend with the mood of your wedding design.



Fabric & Other Features:

It is important to find a flower crown that is lightweight or your flower girl will be uncomfortable. Another aspect of the crown is its size: Find a crown that is adjustable. Flower crowns made of floral wire are typically flexible so that you can mold them to the shape of a girl’s head. Many crowns feature a satin ribbon to tie for the perfect fit, as well. 



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Best Crown for Fall

Sweet Nest Boutique Ivory and White Flower Pine Cone Crown


If you are an autumn bride, then this is the crown for your fall wedding. Inspired by a dense forest, this flower crown is exquisitely designed. What makes it so unusual is the multi-tonal colors of the roses, which are snowy white, ivory and taupe. The tiny pine cones are also multi tonal, in shades of chocolate brown and tan. Adding more beauty to this crown is the inclusion of baby’s breath, white hypercium berries and faux fir tree greenery. It’s simply breathtaking.

Made of faux greenery and artificial flowers.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I gifted this crown to my flower girl and she loved it! The quality is great and it looked absolutely adorable on her. She got so many compliments on our wedding day.

2 of 16 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Crown Featuring Daisies

Lucky Kids Handmade White Daisy Flower Crown


This darling crown of handmade paper flowers is a visual expression of the beauty of nature. Each of those tiny white daisies with a marigold center is exquisitely natural looking. The maker has added white rosebuds to the mix, also, which adds a touch of elegance. This crown is perfect for a rustic or woodland wedding. The base is flexible for issues of fit. It opens in the back and can be secured by organza ribbon ties.

Paper flowers, berries, organza ribbon.The crown is over 18-20 inches in diameter and can be adjusted to fit any head size over 20 inches.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I ordered five crowns for my bridesmaids and flower girl. They are absolutely beautiful and of really good quality! The seller is really helpful and friendly

I definitely recommend!

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Best Dramatic Crown

SWEETV Ivory and Silver Hair Vine


If you’re planning a glamorous wedding imbued with drama, this is the crown for your flower girl. It is crafted from a bendable copper wire that can be fitted perfectly to the flower girl’s hair. Accented with gauzy fabric flowers, the copper vine mimics a natural vine but with silver leaves, rhinestones and pearls as its flora. It takes inspiration from real flowers, leaves and vines, then transforms those motifs into jewelry for the hair.

The ornamental portion of the crown is 11.8 by 2 inches. The total length, with ribbon, is 50.5 inches. Made of fabric flowers, rhinestones and copper wire.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This headpiece is beautiful, very elegant. It's structured on twisted wire and has a lot of flexibility to conform to any head shape or hair style. It is quite delicate, but not any more so than one would expect from this type of headpiece.

4 of 16 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Crown for Beach Weddings

Superlunary Seashell, Starfish & Sola Flowers Crown


This white flower girl crown is tailor made for a beach wedding. It looks like a work of sculpture that sprang from a mermaid’s glorious tresses. Made from a twig-like frame trimmed in a few green leaves, the snowy white accents include paper roses, faux pearls, starfish and a ribbon tie at the back. This crown will surely become a cherished keepsake for the flower girl.

Made of starfish, faux pearls, artificial flowers and ribbon. The ties in the back adjust so that the crown fits any head size.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I can't even begin to put into words how perfect this headpiece was! I'm extremely pleased and would recommend Superlunary to anyone! She custom made it all for me and everything was gorgeous!

5 of 16 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Crown Featuring Ranunculus

Flowey Art White Daisy and Ranunculus Flower Girl Crown


This flower crown is infused with the beauty created by ranunculus flowers, which occupy a special place in flower lovers’ hearts for their full, cupped shape. The design has added a large white daisy to the mix, which amps up the drama. The small green leaves and tiny hypericum berries add to the realistic look of this floral arrangement, making this a gorgeous floral crown. The wreath is flexible and features a satin ribbon to tie it up for the perfect fit.

Made of artificial daisies, ranunculus, hypericum berries and satin ribbon. The ties in the back adjust so that the crown fits any head size.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Beautiful hair piece and lovely packaging.

6 of 16 Image Credits: David's Bridal

Most Elegant Crown

Porcelain and Beaded Flower Girl Wreath


This white flower crown by David’s Bridal is ideal for an elegant, black tie wedding. The wreath is formed from a thin silver wire so that it is lightweight and airy. White porcelain roses adorn the frame, which is then accented with sprays of clear, faceted beads that add subtle sparkle. There is a ribbon tie at the back to adjust the crown for an impeccable fit.

Made of wire, crystals and porcelain flowers. The ties in the back adjust so that the crown fits any head size.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The photos don't do it justice. It's stunning! It's also pure white (not off-white or cream) and matched the pure white dress perfectly.

7 of 16 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Crown Featuring Succulents

Rose Avenue Floral Flower Crown of Succulents and Baby’s Breath


Adding succulents to the wedding design is a popular trend, whether that means including them in your tabletop decor or as gifts for the guests. This crown takes advantage of that trend by featuring tiny faux succulents ammid the dried baby's breath and starflower, and faux succulents. Natural, Bohemian beauty permeates this crown, making it ideal for an outdoor wedding. It embodies woodland beauty at its best.

The crown is approximately 12 inches in diameter. Made of faux succulents, twig wire, binding wire and star flower.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
The crowns are gorgeous! Her customer service is amazing, and the products are fabulous!

8 of 16 Image Credits: David's Bridal

Best Traditional Crown

Child's Flower Wreath with Rhinestones and Crystals


This child’s flower wreath forms a silhouette that features fluffy flowers with tiny, faux pearl “stamens” at the center of each. It is beautifully embellished with beaded loops, faux pearls and sparkling rhinestones that dance among the flowers. For additional elegance, the back of the crown features organza ties that fall down the flower girl’s back in bow-trimmed streamers. This is truly a romantic flower girl crown for a traditional bride’s wedding.

Made of crystal beads, faux pearls, rhinestones and organza ties. The crown is one inch wide.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
I got this for our flower girl and it’s adorable. It fits perfectly.

9 of 16 Image Credits: Amazon

Best Bohemian Crown

DDazzling Green Leaf Eucalyptus Flower Girls Floral Crown


This woodland crown will convey a sense of naturalism to the flower girl’s attire. The twig-like frame, created from flexible florist wire, is carefully braided to give it an artisanal quality. The faux flowers are fluffy white daisies, in large and small shapes, which adds to the sense of naturalness. Hypercium berries dot the vine amid the artificial eucalyptus leaves. The crown ties at the back with a satin ribbon.

Made of faux daisies, florist wire and artificial hypercium berries.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Much nicer than I expected.

10 of 16 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Sparkly Crown

Fleurs De Simone White Sparkle Leaf and Baby’s Breath Flower Girl Crown


Because this flower crown is made with a deft hand from real dried baby’s breath, it exudes a look of delicate beauty that is hard to match. The frame is white, which heightens the ethereal vibe of the crown. The most exquisite accent is found in the dainty white leaves, which are made of silk that has been dusted in white sparkles. The crown ties in the back with long, slender satin ribbons for an elegant finish.

This crown is made in a 15-inch length for toddlers and a 17-inch length for girls. Made of white sparkle leaves, baby’s breath and satin ribbons.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Wow. Flower girl amazingness! It was shipped in a protected box. It held up to multiple rounds of flower girl 'practice.' She wore it all evening.

11 of 16 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Baby’s Breath Crown

Lil Sweet Pea Tutus Real Baby's Breath Flower Girl Crown


With a twig-like crown as the base, this wreath is covered in a fine array of real baby's breath flowers that have been preserved with floral spray to keep them vibrant and fresh. A wide satin ribbon ties at the back. (The ribbon color is customizable if you want to choose a tone that matches that of the wedding party.) The maker suggests storing the crown in a refrigerator to keep it as fresh as possible for the wedding day.

The maker customizes each crown based on the flower girl’s age. The flowers are approximately 1.5 inches to 2 inches in width. Made of real baby’s breath flowers and satin ribbon.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Arrived exactly on time and looked beautiful the entire day! The little ones kept them on also! These really added an enchanted touch to our special day!

12 of 16 Image Credits: Amazon

Best Dainty Crown

Dashiatere Hippy DIY Mini Paper Flower Crown


If you seek a dainty flower crown for your flower girl, this is the ideal choice. The crown is a circlet made of lightweight artificial rattan. It is trimmed in tiny paper roses and hypercium berries. This is the go-to crown for a minimalist bride. It will sit lightly on top of the flower girl’s hair.

This crown is approximately 7 inches in diameter. Made of artificial rattan, paper roses and faux hypercium berries.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This is a beautiful yet simple crown.

13 of 16 Image Credits: Etsy

Best Crown Featuring Peonies

Boho Halo Company Ivory Peony & Succulent Baby Halo


Lovers of peonies know there is no substitute for this fluffy, romantic flower. Ivory peonies are the stars of this sweet flower crown, which features a classic color scheme of soft greens and ivory. The base is made of a twisted vine that is adorned by faux sprigs of weeping fern, eucalyptus, ranunculus, branch flowers, roses and baby succulents. This crown is perfect for the bride who appreciates floral design.

Made of bark vine and artificial succulents, greenery and flowers. It is available in three sizes: 16 inches in diameter for babies and toddlers, 18.5 inches in diameter for children ages two to 12 and 21 inches in diameter for adults.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Absolutely beautiful! The quality and color of the florals make it look so real.

14 of 16 Image Credits: Amazon

Most Affordable Crown

June Bloomy Rose Floral Crown


If you admire roses in different shapes and sizes, this is the flower girl crown for you. The crown is made of a deep green florist wire that is covered in matching leaves to create the naturalistic look of a vine. It is topped with fabric roses in cupped and fluffy shapes to give it a romantic feel. It ties in the back with a gauzy white ribbon that attaches to wire loops.

With the adjustable ribbon, this crown will fit most head sizes. The diameter of the flowers is 2.75 inches and 1.77 inches.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This worked really well for my flower girl. It has a wire in the back that I could adjust when needed.

15 of 16 Image Credits: Amazon

Best Crown Featuring Lilies

AWAYTR Bohemia Big Lilies Floral Crown


This flower girl crown will give your tiniest attendant the look of a forest fairy. The base is made of green floral wire that is trimmed in an array of greenery, including eucalyptus leaves and tiny yellow berries. The front is accented by dramatic white lilies with yellow stamens and the sides are adorned with ivory roses. A grosgrain ribbon makes this crown adjustable.

Made of floral wire, fabric flowers and grosgrain ribbon. Described as 'one size fits all.'

What Reviewers Are Saying:
Gorgeous flower crown! I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this headpiece. It looks beautiful and holds up well.

16 of 16 Image Credits: Amazon

Best Crown Featuring Roses

Vividsun Flower Crown


While many flower crowns are created in an asymmetrical, naturalistic form, this stately rose crown is gracefully symmetrical. Crafted from floral wire, the crown features a lush covering of green leaves adorned with ivory roses of the same shape and size. These roses are like the heirloom blooms found in a French garden: They possess the classic, symmetrical form of a traditional rose. We love the tailored look of this crown.

Made of ribbon ties and artificial greenery with faux roses.

What Reviewers Are Saying:
This crown is of amazing quality. It looks like real flowers in the photos. And it help up really well!