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10 Glamorous Faux Fur Accessories

10 Glamorous Faux Fur Accessories

All the glam without using real fur.


fur 1


Classic Style

Faux fur pieces are often appear just as luxurious and well-constructed as the genuine article. This gorgeous brown bolero is high enough that it could be paired with a wide range of silhouettes and styles.


fur 2


Pretty Shades

This muted tone is gorgeous for a wrap and the faux fur will provide you with just a little extra warmth for a cool weather wedding.


fur 3


Foldover Design

Particularly if you don’t want to cover up too much of the front of your gown, this foldover design features longer layers in the back, but has a high clasp in the front.


fur 4


Additional Warmth

Do you need more than just a wrap? This neutral faux fur topper with 3/4 length sleeves would be perfect for a snowy wedding.


fur 5


Luxurious Stoles

Your bridesmaids will look like daring fashionistas when they walk down the aisle accessorized with colorful fur stoles over their shoulders. This would be spectacular with darker dresses in slim silhouettes.


fur 6


Cozy Earmuffs

Are you and your new hubby taking photos in the snow after the ceremony? Stay warm and look cute in a pair of faux fur earmuffs. If you don’t want to wear a headband, find a style that simply fits over your ears.


fur 7


Soft Gloves

Once you’re inside your venue, you’ll be right as rain. But if the temp drops on the way to the wedding, you’re going to need some gloves to keep your hands soft and toasty warm. These chenille and faux fur gloves will definitely do the trick.


fur 8


Comfy Robe

For winter weddings, you may not want to get ready in those tiny floral robes that have become so popular. Instead, use this super cozy, faux fur-trimmed option.


fur 9


Sturdy Slippers

You’re going to be rocking those insane heels that night, so give your feet a break earlier in the day. These furry slippers feature a non-skid sole to keep you from slipping on wet or icy ground.


fur 10


Practical Prop

When you’re having your wedding at a lodge or in the mountains, sleigh rides can add so much charm to your event. If you decide to plan your exit in a horse-drawn sleigh, make sure to cuddle up together under a faux fur throw.