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Coordinating Shoes for Bride and Groom

Wedding shoe combinations that will have you swooning. Get out those dancing shoes!


Let us be the spark that inspires you through your wedding planning adventure. We have just the thing – a lovely collection of wedding whims and a shiny new video series to share with you. Whims, you ask? You know, those details you discover and seem to tell your unique wedding story. They almost seem to sing out your name. Cake toppers, statement necklaces, antique vases, and in this case – shoes!

We spend a lot of time talking about the dress, but here at mywedding we know that fun can be found just as easily by foot. And because we want you looking and feeling beautiful from head to toe, we’ve collected some of our favorite shoe fashions to jump start our inspiration series. Call it a whim, but we think these kicks are worth a reception-day dance (or two).

Forever and always, and adventures galore.