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Glamorous Gloves to Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

Glamorous Gloves to Accessorize Your Wedding Dress

Maybe it’s because all trends eventually make a comeback, or maybe it’s the Polar Vortex, but either way gloves are in again. And I couldn’t be more excited!






Nothing can make a sheath look more elegant than a pair of opera gloves or make a retro dress look quite as sweet as short and lacy ones.





Recently, several different styles have graced the bridal show runways. We love these loose, gauzy ones (above), but the latest trends run from long and lacy to black leather (definitely for the bolder bride).

















These long gloves (above) are not quite opera length, but are still quite a statement!  These are the sort of accessory that will make you instantly feel like you are channeling Grace Kelly.





If you want to wear gloves on your own wedding day, remember to rehearse with them on.  You also will want to have a game plan on what to do with the left glove during the ring exchange. The easiest solution? Have a tailor cut a slit along the ring finger.



Credits:  Bejeweled//Simple White//Oscar de la Renta//White Lace//Beige Lace//Elbow-length//Retro