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Lovely Blusher Veils

Lovely Blusher Veils

Do you prefer a shorter veil for your wedding day? We’ve got you covered with these styles.








What is a blusher veil?  Technically, it is simply a veil that covers some or all of your face. They can be attached to veils of any length to rest behind your shoulders (such as above).  However, today, when brides are looking for blusher veils what they also mean is that the length rests either at or above their shoulders.

















Especially popular in the mid-20th century blusher veils are most often seen in tulle or birdcage. Above (left), this jawline-length blusher is flipped in front of the face for the ceremony. When deciding on a blusher veil, you want to make sure that it also works flipped back (above, right), when it is removed from your face mid-ceremony. Check the length to make sure it falls back easily, without sticking straight up, as well as not snagging on hair clips or combs.







These two very short blusher veils are a very modern take on this retro trend. Above, this simple option is paired with a soft updo and is positioned to give the veil a little height. Below, this blusher veil is pinned in a way that allows it to be more folded over than pushed back.












Ordinarily, I am totally a less-is-more kind of gal.  But when it comes to blusher veils, I am completely pro-embellishment. I think that it enhances the playful, retro vibe and makes the veil a statement accessory.  From pearls to Swiss dot patterns to rhinestones, these veils are gorgeous.







And notice how these embellished veils aren’t accompanied with a lot of other jewelry. They stand on their own just fine, thankyouverymuch.  So, leave the chandelier earrings for another bride and instead opt for a sophisticated pair of studs.







Keep in mind that no matter what blusher you choose, how you pin it can have a big impact on the overall look.  Above, this veil is arranged closer to the face. Below, the veil is pinned so that is falls slightly away from the face, giving it more volume.








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