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Mother of the Bride Accessories

Mother of the Bride Accessories

With these style and accessory tips and suggestions, you will be looking your best to see your beautiful baby walk down the aisle.






When it comes to your mother of the bride accessory choices, you want to look sophisticated and classy without feeling uptight and stuffy. Depending on the location and time of year that the wedding takes place, your choices of outfits really are limitless. Once you’ve chosen that special dress or suit, it’s time for the fun part – accessories! Accessorizing for your daughter’s big day can almost be as difficult as finding the outfit itself.



Mothers of the bride often wear corsages that coincide with the flowers and bouquets in the wedding party. Choose something bright and beautiful that won’t get in the way of all the relative hugging and all night dancing that is sure to be happening. If you are on a tight budget or don’t want to hassle the bride with one more thing to add to her floral list, make your own DIY wedding corsage with these simple instructions here.






Earrings are the quintessential MOB accessory. Longer cascading earrings flatter every face shape and look great with any hairstyle. Choose a pair that you feel comfortable in – if that means your everyday earrings, go for it! If you’re used to going earring-less or studs only and want to wear something special, wear them around the house for a couple hours before the big day so that you can get used to feeling of longer earrings. Pearls and jewel-tones (above) are both a modern trend with a classic touch.





If you choose to go with big statement earrings, choose a necklace that is simple and sophisticated. This gold necklace (above, right) is understated with just the right amount of sexy – definitely mother of the bride approved. If your daughter and new-husband-to-be gave you a gift for helping out with the wedding or if you have a family heirloom necklace with special meeting, this would be a great time to wear it. Some of the best accessories are the ones with a bit of sentimentalism.





Now that spring is here, MOB hats are more popular than ever. In order to nail this trend on the head, there are a couple of things to keep in mind. First, is the location of the wedding (a hat might not be appropriate for a beachfront wedding or a mountain escape). If your daughter chose to get married in a garden or vineyard then, by all means, grab your hat and wear it with pride. Another thing to keep in mind is the size. Your daughter’s wedding might not be the time to bring out your biggest Derby hat from the back of your closet. Choose something tasteful and structured so that it looks great all day long. The last thing to consider is your hairstyle, depending on the hat and how it is secured, there could be room for an issue. Do a trial run a couple weeks before to make sure that it stays right where you want it. If you are transitioning from hat during the wedding and no hat during the rehearsal, have a plan for how your hair will react – there is nothing more annoying than hat hair.





If you choose to forgo the hat due to location or personal preference, there are a bunch of hair pin and clip options to accessorize your ‘do. When choosing a hair accessory, the first thing to do is figure out the style you want. An updo is great for a more traditional wedding, while leaving your hair loose can give off a more relaxed look. Whichever style you choose, make sure to hairspray it well so that it can endure the emotions of the day.





There are so many options of shoes that you can choose for this occasion. With nicer weather, the peep-toe pumps are a go-to option. Choosing shoes should be based off of three things; comfort, style and affordability.  If you never wear heels, pick out a pair of great flats or a kitten heel. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and confident.





Last, but not least, on the list of accessories: handbags. The tote above couldn’t be more perfect for pre-wedding festivities. You can keep contact lists, emergency items and vendor contracts all in one spot during the planning process. Or, just carry it around town for daily errands to show off your new role as a mother. When it comes to the day of, choose something practical that goes well with your outfit. The compact clutch (bottom, left) is great for carrying lipstick and makeup touch-ups and this larger bag (bottom, right) is ideal for holding your bigger items like your cell phone and keys. Also consider if you want an attached strap or not, throwing it over your shoulder so that you can have your hands free may come in handy!





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