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Pretty Bridal Fascinators

Pretty Bridal Fascinators

We’re obsessed with this chic alternative to a bridal veil.




Bridal fascinators are a trend that we probably owe most to our obsession with Kate Middleton. Like many upper class British women, Kate loves a good fascinator when attending weddings or other official events.  And on your own wedding day, fascinators are a chic option for brides that would rather skip the long veil.  Above, especially if you aren’t wearing a traditional white gown, a champagne fascinator like this one beats a blusher any day.

Fascinators are basically elaborate hair accessories attached with a headband, pin, or comb.  They started as a fetching alternative at social events that called for women to wear hats.  They are usually made from some combination of lace, feathers, crystals, or chiffon.  In the case of bridal fascinators, you can easily attach a birdcage veil (below), if you choose.



Both of these feathered fascinators stay clear of the face. After all, if you are going to spend all that money on a makeup artist, why cover it up?  The simple fascinator above is demure and set off with an equally chic chignon.  Below, the height of these feathers create a sense of drama, and is definitely the statement accessory for this bold look.




Fascinators also commonly use a floral design. This oversized organza bloom is perfect for a bride who adores fashion-forward trends.  Below, these two organza flowers are decorated with crystals to create a sweet, romantic accessory.




If you like retro gone just a little modern, find fascinators with unique shapes (above) and textures.  Below, this circular fascinator is covered in a layer of veil and then encrusted with a crystal floral pattern.  Both are nostalgic, but also have just enough of a ‘wink’ to keep them from being too old-fashioned.



This bow and pearl fascinator (below) is a quirky take on tradition.  Paired with loads of pearl necklaces, this is a look for non-traditional brides that like their accessories with a side of sassafras.




Love fascinators but married to the idea of a traditional veil?  Give them to your bridal party!  This bright orange fascinator (above) would look gorgeous at a fall wedding.

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