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Sneak Peek! Tom’s New Line of Wedding Shoes

When you get a pair of these shoes, you’re giving back too.

Around here we absolutely adore Tom’s Shoes. Their One for One program has given over one million shoes to kids in need around the world (for every pair purchased they give a pair away); last year we all participated in their Day Without Shoes to get a sense of what it’s like to not have a pair (it’s cold). But, I hadn’t ever genuinely considered them as wedding shoes until I saw how cute Ashley’s bridesmaids looked in their black, sparkly versions.

Now I’m totally sold (plus, they are shoes your bridesmaids and you can actually wear again!).

So you can imagine how excited we are to give you a sneak peek at Tom’s new collection, which will be hitting stores in early March. Same unmistakable style in brand-new colors.

I’m so all about the glitter (subtlety is not my fashion strength) and am thrilled that they added blue to the mix. How pretty would they be with cream dress?

And there are two new versions for the guys – a velvet version, which is very decadent, and their more sporty leather version.

Look for them to hit stores in early March!