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Super Cool Customizable Sandals from Offbeat Bride

Orange and turquoise wedding sandals? Yes please!

I just found out that Havaianas now does custom orders! I’m both excited and pissed. I wish that Havaianas had introduced this, oh, um almost THREE YEARS AGO when I was planning my crazy turquoise and orange beach wedding. I would have loved to have made custom bright orange and turquoise wedding sandals. Ah well, it may not be too late for YOU! By the way, this is totally not a sponsored post — I just think that this is a really good idea for wedding party gifts, and bride and groom sandals. Allow me to use my wedding colors to give y’all an idea of what you can do.

So after you chose your base color and your strap color, you can chose to adorn your sandals with charms. Unfortunately you’re limited to these letters and few characters, and you can ONLY do two on each foot. I went for ‘I heart AF’ which are my husband’s initials. Adorable, right?

Speaking of my husband, these would have looked cute with his linen suit:

And if not just for the photo op, you could customize the groom’s sandals with the same ‘I heart’ design, but with the bride’s initials.

You could outfit your entire bridal party in a rainbow of amazing sandal options, and possible charms, to compliment each person’s personality:

The possibilities are endless! Okay, not endless because, clearly, there’s a limited number of combinations. But the possibilities are at least exciting to think about. It would be cool if Havaianas added more characters and customization options soon. Ooh, and if they added number charms you could rock your wedding date!

Anywhoo… custom Havaianas. Apparently it’s a THING now … and they’re pretty freaking rad.