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Trending Floral Accessories

Trending Floral Accessories

Flowers and weddings go together like love and marriage. During the spring and summer seasons, the flowers in a wedding always seem to get bigger and bolder. We’ve put together a collection of trending floral accessories that have nothing to do with the bouquet and everything to do with wedding prettiness.


Starting with the floral robes above, this bridal party looks picture perfect in their matching ensembles and big floral crowns. Robes for bridesmaids are a huge trend right now, from monogrammed silk to fun patterns, choose something that matches your style and your girls will be wearing them for years to come.


When it comes to your wedding shoes, the gorgeous flower embellished heels (top, left) look like something straight out of Carrie Bradshaw’s closet. They turn an average cream stiletto into a work of art. Wearing heels on your wedding day is a must for some brides but, to save your feet, choose a pair of adorable socks (top, right) to get ready in. You will thank yourself later!

Speaking of thanking yourself, if you choose to forgo the high heels all together, these floral Tom’s are fashionable feet savers that give back to not one, but two, worthy causes. Grab yourself a pair and have some feel-good karma on your wedding day.


Blush accessories are another trend this wedding season that we can’t stop loving. Paired together with a floral twist and we. are. obsessed. Both the handmade hairpiece and earrings (above) add a feminine touch to any bride’s wedding day style.


Here at, we are all about the bride and her big day but sometimes we need a couple extra accessories that she can wear everyday that makes her feel special. This floral inspired watch (above) comes in many different colors and is the perfect example of bringing your spring wedding colors into your life as a reminder of what a beautiful day it was.

Below, we have two of the most quintessential spring accessories. The light scarf and the fashionable tote. Grab this versatile floral scarf  of flower printed tote as you run out the door and you will be looking your best from day to night.


Now that the bride is set with trending floral accessories for every day to her wedding day, we can’t forget about the rest of you gals! Corsages are not just for mothers of  the bride anymore, these pearl and rose beauties are great for a garden bridal party.  Two other accessories that just scream spring are the stunning jeweled necklace (below, left) and the rose cocktail ring (below, right). Let your bridesmaids shine in these garden inspired accessories that they will wear again and again.


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