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Vintage-Inspired, Modern Wedding Shoes from Rachel Simpson

Rare finds for your wedding day.

When I saw Rachel Simpson’s booth at Bridal Market I had a total Rachel Zoe ‘shut-the-front-door’ moment. Not only was Rachel (Simpson) herself wearing the most killer pair of heels that forced me to remind myself that tackling someone for their shoes is highly inappropriate behavior (I found out later they’re her Marilyn’s in gray – someone please go buy them!), but she had stacks of wedding shoes that were absolutely gorgeous. And after fruitlessly searching for months for a pair of cool wedding shoes that I could see myself wearing after the big day, I can attest to what a rare find this is.

Which is exactly the reason Rachel started designing shoes. While there were plenty of heavenly wedding dresses, she felt that bridal footwear lacked the same panache. Drawing on inspiration from the 20s and 30s, Rachel creates modern, stylish shoes that happen to be comfortable enough you really can dance all night in them. Each shoe has a definite wedding feel (and most of them are white) but with a kick – enough of a kick that you can get away with wearing them after your wedding.

I’ve highlighted a few of my favorites here but make sure to head on over to her website to see other options. She has more flats, booties, shoe accessories, even an outlet store with last season’s styles, highly discounted.