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10 Gorgeous Two-Piece Wedding Dresses (That Aren’t Crop Tops)

10 Gorgeous Two-Piece Wedding Dresses (That Aren’t Crop Tops)

Wedding dresses have certainly evolved over the years — and more recently, brides have been shopping separates when it comes to their gown. Searching for inspiration? Take a look at some of the most gorgeous two-piece wedding dresses here.



Mix & Match


Two piece dresses - mix and match



If you are considering wearing a two piece wedding dress, take a cue from wedding dress designer Sarah Seven and don’t hesitate to mix and match. While you might not initially think two pieces go together, you’ll be surprised to discover how incredible different textures (like this sleek skirt and chunkier, beaded top) can look.




Long Sleeves Are So In


Olivia Palermo



Take it from fashionista Olivia Palermo: You can wear long sleeves on your wedding day — and you can choose your own top to pair with a separate bottom while you’re at it. Palermo’s gown was actually made up of three pieces, all created by wedding dress designer extraordinaire, Carolina Herrera. As you can see from the photo, Olivia is wearing a fairly simple cashmere sweater top. According to her website, she tucked the sweater into a pair of chic white shorts that hid under a full tulle skirt overlay.




Lace On Lace


Two piece dresses - lace on lace



A very popular trend for two-piece wedding dresses is wearing lace on lace. While something like this could easily be done as one piece (and usually is), wearing “identical” separates is a thing and gives brides’ style a bit more depth. It manages to keep a bit of tradition while sticking a perfectly polished toe into the modern bridal swimming pool.




Show A Hint Of Skin


Two piece dresses - hint of skin



Showing a small bit of skin while wearing bridal separates is becoming a thing. Without turning into a crop top, the woman in this photo shows just the right amount of skin with her slightly-illusion two piece ensemble to keep her look classy. She pairs a lace top with a delicate skirt for ultimate impact.




Sleek Skirt


Two piece dresses - sleek look



When people think of two-piece wedding dresses, they often think of an exposed tummy or a separate top — something modern and not at all traditional. But bridal separates don’t mean you can’t go classic! Pick out a simple, elegant skirt and pair it with a similarly chic top for a timeless look you can take straight to the dance floor.




Back Into It


Two piece wedding dresses - statement back



Having an open back can be super sexy for any gown but there is something that makes it even more gorgeous when it’s a two piece. Again, it’s just the right amount of skin and it really shows off the unique look by drawing the eye to the space where there is no fabric. We love it.




Color Play


Two piece dresses - blush skirt



One of the coolest things about choosing to wear a two-piece wedding gown is that you can choose to wear two colors! There is definitely a way that this can be done that looks elegant. If you want to wear white, but also love the idea of a blush gown, choose a white top and a blush skirt. It really can be the best of both worlds.




Cheat A Little Bit


Two piece dresses - overlay style



If you’ve stayed on your bride-to-be fitness prep, we’re here to tell you that it’s okay to cheat when it comes to your gown! If you love the idea of a two piece, but don’t want to show too much extra skin, why not choose an overlay — or an overlay-inspired top — for your gown? Many bridal shops and different designers have these sheer panels of gorgeous beadwork that you can put on right over your existing top. Technically, it’s still two pieces. Then, you can take the top portion off and have two different looks for your big day. Kind of cool, right?




Let It Flow


Two piece dresses - let it flow



Choosing a really simple, flowy top is not only chic, but it’s comfortable too! While this may not look as over-the-top as some of the other gowns in this slideshow, choosing this sort of separate really fits with various brides’ personalities. This is also a great way to save money — your top doesn’t have to be super extravagant to be perfect for your special day.




High Neck & High Waist


Two piece dresses - high neck



Choosing a top that is a high neck or a skirt that is high-waisted is another trend that we’re seeing a lot lately. There is something really elegant about the top shown in this photo, don’t you think? Oh, and here’s a little tidbit. Wearing a high-neck top with a little extra beading totally saves you from needing to spend money on a necklace.