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10 Pretty Princess Wedding Dresses that Rule

10 Pretty Princess Wedding Dresses that Rule

Every little girl dreams about trying on dozens of pretty princess wedding dresses. However, the idea of “princess” has evolved, so embrace today’s version of the princess wedding dress.


blue wedding dress


Sea Goddess


In a dress the color of the ocean and made of fabric as delicate as sea foam, you’ll look like a mermaid. You’ll have the same enchanting effect on everyone who sees you and don’t be surprised if you score more than one heart on your wedding day.


white and gold dress


Venetian Glamour


The golden details glistening in the warm, setting sun, this Mediterranean-style princess wedding dress is a stunner from every angle. The simple shape allows for the elaborate embroidery that feels positively regal.


princess wedding dress


Warrior Princess


There’s something exotic about the lace collar neckline and structure of this romantic wedding dress. Something that would’ve been worn by a warrior princess, it’s the perfect fit for a boho bride who’s wild at heart.


princess wedding dress


Medieval Princess


Go back to a time when every country had its share of princesses, knights, and romantic castles. Bring on the princess wedding dresses, along with the glass slippers, tight waists and full skirts! Live out your childhood fantasies of classic bridal elegance.


blush wedding dress


Fairy Princess


There’s something so ethereal about the sparkle and soft glow of this princess wedding dress. If you feel a little stuffy in a structured bodice but still want to have your “princess” moment, a slightly bohemian silhouette will be the ideal fit for your wedding day.


elsa inspired wedding dress
Ice Princess


Elsa, the beautiful, icy blonde from Frozen has been an inspiration for Halloween costumes, hairstyles, and wedding dresses. This light blue gown reminds us of her glamorous looks in the movie and is key to transforming you from everyday to princess bride.


real wedding dress


Fairytale Worthy


A perfect look for your own “happily ever after,” embrace everything luxurious, decadent, and gold to mark the beginning of the greatest love story ever told- yours!


tulle wedding dress


Light as a Cloud


Most princess wedding gowns are heavy and luxurious but how about a tulle beauty that seems as light as air? Float your way down the aisle in this heavenly gown as if you were about to start flying from happiness.


lace sleeve dress


Modern Princess


The moment she secured her status as a fashion icon, Kate Middleton’s wedding dress was one truly fit for a princess. The lace sleeves and tight v-neckline shook up the bridal fashion scene irreversibly.


princess wedding


Crowned the Belle of the Ball


Being belle of the ball comes second to being queen of his heart. So if princess isn’t quite good enough for you, embrace the crown, emphasize that waist, and poof that skirt- it’s time to take this royal theme all the way.