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11 Original Ways to “Trash the Dress”

11 Original Ways to “Trash the Dress”

These 11 ‘trash the dress’ photos are cute and tasteful for the brides who are ready to part with their white dress.

You did it! You pulled off your wedding day in a completely flawless fashion and you married the love of your life. Now what to do with that wedding dress you spent months, maybe years, dreaming about? You could hang it up in the back of your closet or you could go out with a bang.



1. Grab the paint and get to playing! Get creative with the colors and turn yourselves into tie-dyed wonders.



2. If you’re getting married on the beach or having a destination wedding, take your long walk in the sand one step further by jumping into the ocean!



3. Break out that glitter! Don’t be afraid to get a little messy – that’s what trashing your dress is all about! Roll around in that pain, throw up that glitter and celebrate the fact that you’re married.



4. Dig your toes into the sand and let the waves wash over you for a beachy photo op.



5. If your photographer has underwater capabilities, jump in and let the magic happen.



6. Holi powder is part of a cultural ceremony that involves bright colors and lots of love. Celebrate your new marriage with this fun tradition.



7. There is something so romantic about an underwater photo session. Hold your breath and close your eyes for a dreamy adventure.



8. You’re definitely in for an adventure if it includes bright paint and fire extinguishers. Although there is quite a bit of risk when fire is involved, if the correct amount of caution is taken, the photos will turn out beautifully.



9. Sometimes it’s fun to get a little messy. Get down and dirty outside after your wedding by playing in the mud.



10. Build a snowman, have a snowball fight and make your own snow angels as newlyweds!



11. This trash the dress photo gives ‘under the boardwalk’ a whole new meaning. Grab your guy and head under a pier to steal a sweet kiss.


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