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11 Wedding Dresses with Simply Stunning Sheer Sleeves

11 Wedding Dresses with Simply Stunning Sheer Sleeves

Are you looking for a wedding dress that has sleeves while skipping the heavy fabric factor? We have you covered! We found 11 wedding dresses that have stunning sheer sleeves for your wedding day!


Blue wedding dress


Brilliant Blues


Wedding dresses are meant to be a stand out feature of the wedding. Make sure every eye is on you by having a beautiful blue wedding dress with full length sheer sleeves.


Delicate illusion lace sleeves


Delicate Details


It’s all in the details! Trade up simple sleeves for a delicate design.


Simple wedding dresses


Show Stopping & Simple


Sometimes simple is best. You don’t need to go all out with design and detail. After all, you are the person they should be focusing on! Pick a dress and add small details throughout the sleeves to make it a show stopper.


Off shoulder lace sleeves


Sexy Shoulders


Take the opportunity to show off your shoulders! There are plenty of wedding dresses that have illusion sleeves that sit off the shoulder. Pick a dress with gorgeous details and you’ll have a winner.


Autumn style wedding dresses


Tie in the Theme


Pick a wedding dress that includes elements of your wedding theme. It could be something as simple as a color. You could take it one step further and have dress details that match the bouquet you’ll be carrying.


Elegant full length sleeves


Full & Floaty


Forget about clingy wedding dresses and sleeves. Pick a dress that is full and floaty for an etheral look.


1/2 sleeve dress with lace detail


Floral & Feminine


We love flowers. Don’t you? They are the perfect accent detail you need to make a dress just a little different. Pick a dress with illusion sleeves and a favorite pattern to make it unique.


3/4 length sleeve dress


Hidden Details


This dress is definitely business in the front and party in the back. Pick a dress that can be both modern and traditional simultaneously. The sheer 3/4 length sleeves include a stunning lace detail that you absolutely cannot miss.


Cap sleeve illusion dress


Simply Sweet


Cap sleeves are sweet and simple. If you happen to pick a wedding dress like this, you will be absolutely stunning for your big day.



Full length sleeves with detail


Ethereal & Elegant


Are you looking for a dress that is otherworldly? Pick a dress that has details wrapping from the bodice and trailing down the arms. Pair it with illusion or sheer sleeves to make the details really stand out.


Simple cap gown


Keep it Classic


Why break a tradition? Pick a dress with sheer capped sleeves and you will be guaranteed to have some stunning photos.