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5 Stunning Real Bride Looks from the New mywedding Magazine

Five completely different bridal styles to inspire your own wedding day decisions.

It’s hard to picture a bride on her wedding day without also picturing one important detail: the dress. Whether your personal style is modern or classic or a little bit offbeat, the dress is a defining element of a woman’s wedding day. And these real brides, whose looks and style are pulled directly from the pages of the new mywedding magazine (which is on newsstands now. And beautiful. We’re only a little bit biased.), are a perfect example of how to work that defining element your way – because while the dress sets the tone, you bring the whole look to life. 

Clean and Classic: This bride never found the dress of her dreams, but instead of losing heart she took an awesome alternative approach to dress shopping – she picked a dress she liked and went all-out on cool styling and accessories. Like that sparkly headband above…and an awesome faux fur coat you can see in the new magazine.

Contemporary Traditional: Contemporary traditional? Is that a thing? In this case, the answer is a resounding yes. The super clean, minimalist vibe of this bride’s gorgeous wedding dress (you should see the back!) feels updated and modern, but a simple approach to details and the blusher-style veil carry a lot of traditional weight. Think J. Crew, a la wedding.

Understated Statements: A statement back is called a statement back for a reason, and this dress is no exception. However, the illusion-inspired, neutral lace details and simple structure of the dress make it the perfect accompaniment for a bride who loves unique details but isn’t necessarily all about that spotlight.

Going for Gold: It’s impossible to forget a gold dress, especially one designed by Sarah Seven. And although it may take an extra helping of courage (this stunning bride admitted that she’d wanted a gold dress from the beginning, but wasn’t sure she had the confidence to actually wear one down the aisle) to finally try one on, the non-traditional, playful look it offers will have you at hello.

Pure Romance: If you ever find yourself thinking that all you need from a wedding dress is a little bit of tradition and a lot of romance, look no further than this ensemble. The simple, elegant, strapless lace wedding dress and fingertip-length lace-trimmed veil are breathtaking for any wedding style and setting and basically make the case for lace as the wedding trend that will never go away.

On the hunt for that wedding-changing white (or gold) dress? Look no further than the new issue of mywedding…because it has more dresses in it than we could count.

Photo credits:   Juan MacLean   |   Kate Ignatowski   |   Rachel Havel   |   Allison Harp   |   Heather Hawkins