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Corset Wedding Dresses

Corset Wedding Dresses







A feminine silhouette just this side of va-va-voom, corset dresses are perfect for brides that want a figure-hugging bodice with tons of structure.  The great thing about corset dresses is their amazing design. Whether the corset’s boning is front and center, or covered in lace, this bodice (when fitted correctly) flatters hourglass shapes, as well as gives additional shape to more slender figures.



The dress above also features lace and ruching throughout the bodice, diminishing the appearance of the boning (usually nylon, plastic, or metal rods that are sewn into the fabric, giving the corset its signature structure).  Some brides prefer corset dresses that don’t feel so obviously ‘lingerie’ or as one bride put it, ‘Something that Madonna would have worn.’  The easiest way to have a corset dress without feeling like you are employing the underwear as outerwear trend?  Try blush.  Blush corset wedding dresses look gorgeously feminine, and because they aren’t white, don’t feel as much like lingerie.







These two deep blush dresses are lovely, each using light fabrics and belts to keep the whole look polished and sweet.







Below, this dress is actually a pair of separates, with a corset bodice paired with a flowing, full skirt.







Want to look a little regal?  Go for a golden glow with colored, metallic overlays, as shown in the dress below. The lace design accents the outline of the corset’s cups and boning, creating shape in a way that is very elegant and sophisticated.








But perhaps you are a bolder bride that loves the look of a corset’s boning. There are so many styles for you to choose from. This reception dress (above) is a chic lace sheath over a sweetheart-neckline corset.  Below, this trumpet wedding dress is all about highlighting the smooth lines of the corset, giving an otherwise frothy dress a bit more refinement.







My favorite corset dresses are those that are sleek and have an almost ‘liquid’ fluidity.  This dress below is the perfect example. It’s surprisingly simple in its fabric and mermaid silhouette. But the dress’s architecture gives it a sexy edge.





If you want to show a little skin in the bodice, one option is a slightly sheer corset top (below).  However, if you love this look, but wish it wasn’t as transparent, many brides opt to go to a tailor and have a discreet lining sewn in.











Lastly, corset dresses can also be very lavish and ornamental. If simple isn’t your style, opt for a dress with lots of texture and floral detail in between the boning of the corset (above).



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