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How to Achieve the Modern Princess Look

How to Achieve the Modern Princess Look

A classic statement, these wedding dresses with full, ballgown skirts look glorious on a wide range of body types.

We were so happy to see princess wedding dresses come back into style. But how do you stay looking modern and stylish with such a traditional silhouette?

Remember that everything is better when balanced. If you’ve got a big dress, you probably shouldn’t also have big hair, bold makeup, and tons o’ accessories (well, unless you want to look more like ’80s Madonna than an actual bride).

Today’s princess dresses embrace romance and femininity, but not in a ridiculous way that ends up making you look like a cupcake.  Here are a few different ways to find a princess wedding dress that bridges the gap between modern and traditional.



Floral Patterns

Floral dresses are all the rage right now. They give an already compelling dress a little extra visual interest. And we had no idea that flowers could give a dress a bit of ‘edge’ as it does above, when paired with a modern back and sheer skirt overlay.



Simple Details

Concerned about looking too formal or ‘fussy’ in your princess wedding dress?  Just keep it simple. This lovely dress above uses delicate ruching on the bodice, a floral accent at the waist, and wide pleats to make the skirt extra voluminous.



Plunging Neckline

You can wear a princess wedding dress and show a little skin. This dress above features a very deep v-neck and a cummerbund-inspired waist to transform this otherwise traditional dress into a showstopper.  Many of the latest princess dresses use plunging backs or cutouts to achieve a similar look.



Chic Design Elements

We’re gaga over the drop waist on this elegant princess wedding dress. Styled with a beaded topper, this dress is great for a traditional bride that wants her dress to steal all the attention.



Moody Styling

Maybe it’s the slightly ‘tattered’ fabric, or perhaps the ecru and gray shades of the dress, but either way we are digging the moody vibe of this non-traditional princess dress (above).



Art Deco Influence

Art Deco is such a prolific wedding trend because of its lavish details and sumptuous glamour. Above, this princess dress is actually a sheath dress covered in a thick overlay of peachy tulle. The whole gown just glows.



Heavy Fabrics

If you really want all-out, take-no-prisoners glam, then go really, really big.  This dress above uses heavy fabrics with floral burnouts and layers of crinolines underneath to get maximum fullness out of the weighty skirt (very Marie Antoinette).



Stylish Separates

Separates are popular right now, not only because of their practicality (how many of us have at-odds sizing when it comes to tops and bottoms?), but also because they give a relaxed vibe to this trend. Styled with beachy waves and strappy shoes, this look is very ‘princess goes on vacation’ and we love it.


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