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How to Find THE Dress: What is Most Flattering?

Here you are, a week later, and you are armed with your favorite dress photos.

Here you are, a week later, and you are armed with your favorite dress photos. And now you are wondering which will look best on you (because you remember going through a similar debacle a few years back when you found out the hard way that you needed a sharp jawline to pull off Katie Holmes’ dramatic bob). We have a list of rules for you that might help your dress selection process, but keep in mind that you should feel free to throw out every rule in the book if you find a dress that you know you can rock, no matter what we say.

Here are a few tips:

  1. Hourglass figure (this means that your bust and hips are roughly the same measurement and that your waist is considerably narrower): First of all, yes, everyone secretly hates you. Like tall girls, you can pretty much pull off any dress you want. But the absolute most envy-inducing dresses (because maybe your groom’s ex-girlfriend was invited) will be those that bring attention to your tiny middle. Try corset dresses for the biggest impact.
  2. Pear shaped (smaller bust, smaller waist, fuller hips): You are one of the most common body types. You are going to look like perfection in an a-line dress made with a stiffer fabric and a v-neckline. You want the a-line to stick out a bit (hence the sturdiness) and the v-neck will draw the eye down, elongating your figure.
  3. Apple shaped (broad shoulders, thicker waist, thinner legs): You can go a couple of different routes. First, your dress should slightly narrow at the smallest part in your waist. For some, that might mean an empire dress.  For others, that might be just slightly above a traditional waistline. Second, because you have great legs, play around with different dress lengths.
  4. Straight lined or athletic (slim build, smaller bust and hips): Want a dress to amp up your petite curves? You look better than anyone in fitted trumpet and mermaid gowns, especially those in clingier or thinner fabrics.
  5. Highlight your best feature. Love your shoulders? Consider a halter or racer back dress that shows them off. Got great calves? Don’t cover them up with a full length gown! Whatever you love about yourself, play it up big time. It will make you feel your most confident and glowy in all of those wedding photos.
  6. Downplay your least favorite. We all have things that we wish were different about our bodies. Don’t let a cloud of self-doubt rain all over your wedding day! If you hate your arms, find a super cute jacket for the ceremony and a colored cardigan for after. Wish you were not ‘blessed’ with such a generous bustline? Don’t hesitate to stay away from the ever-popular lower cut strapless gowns. Are you sensitive about your hands? Pull a Jackie Kennedy and wear gloves.

No matter what, your job is to feel sensational on your wedding day. So pick a dress that you know will make you feel beautiful and completely comfortable in your own skin.


Photo Credit: Alixann Loosle