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Metallic Wedding Dresses

Metallic Wedding Dresses



If you want to be a star on your wedding day, the best way to sparkle is with a silver wedding dress (or gold, for that matter). This collection of metallic wedding dresses is all about glittering glamour, in tiny doses and big statements.






The first way to wear a metallic wedding dress is to find one that beautifully incorporates a pattern. Above, this silver dress uses an intricate lace pattern to deliver an all-over glow. Below, the silver floral pattern on this champagne one-shoulder dress, delivers a measured amount of metallics.  And if you are having an Art Deco-themed wedding, you really can’t beat the shimmer of this golden gown.










Depending upon the fabric on your dress, your metallic pattern can be subtle or really pop against its background.  You can really see every detail of these steely silver swirls atop this light blue-gray fabric (below).











Another way to effortlessly wear a metallic wedding dress is to utilize texture.  Above, this dress delivers all-out glitter power by using large champagne toned sequins. Below, the flat, but wavy texture of this metallic knit dress lends to its sleek silhouette. Wouldn’t this be amazing at a sunset beach wedding?







If you are a bit more demure and an all-out glitterfest just isn’t for you, there are subtler ways to wear this trend.  Find a dress with fabric that has been dusted with a superfine glitter to give just a bit of sheen.  Or you can use a deep champagne tone in a slightly iridescent finish. These will give the illusion of silver and gold wedding dresses without overwhelming your simpler style.










And lastly, there are those of you that when they encounter a little shimmery greatness, the sky is the limit. For those of you that love the powerful glam a metallic wedding dress means, harness your inner Serena van der Woodsen and wear one of these last three dresses:















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