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Peach and Lavender Wedding Dresses

Peach and Lavender Wedding Dresses

Pale, but definitely not just run-of-the-mill ivory, these dresses will help you show off your unique style.




When a bride doesn’t want to wear white, but she still wants to look ‘bridal’, she has more options than just blush and gray.  Here we have rounded up some absolutely stunning lavender and peach wedding dresses.


These peach dresses (above and below) aren’t just a little more colorful, they also feature sumptuous texture with wrapped bodices, swirls of organza, and plentiful layers of lace.






Intrigued but apprehensive?  Stick to classic bridal silhouettes and lighter shades of peach.  By mixing layers of ivory and peach, this dress (above, right) lightens up overall, leaving its exact shade a bit of a mystery.  Below, this peach dress is covered with a layer of white lace, minimizing the amount of color shining through.  It’s a little bit beyond the basic, but is still subtle enough for more traditional brides.




If you really love the look of a peach dress, but have your heart set on a white gown when you walk down the aisle, buy two.  Find a reception dress in a flirty shade of peach, such as the one featured below.




Truth be told, I adore a lavender wedding dress. It’s an excellent choice for women who love the sophistication of a gray gown, but look a little better with a touch of purple in the mix (great for those of us who run a little pale ourselves).  This gown below is from Monique Lhuillier and, quite frankly, could be the entire reason we are having this discussion in the first place. This dress came out a couple years ago and a wedding trend was born.  Loaded with sparkle and a sheer neckline (and of course, pockets), it’s definitely a whole new bridal statement.






Lighter shades of lavender can have a bit more blue (above, left) or lean towards lilac (above, right). Find the shade that is the most flattering for your own skin tone and delivers the amount of color saturation you want.


If you can’t find a wedding dress in lavender you like, check out formal dresses in your fave hue.  This sequined dress below isn’t specifically for weddings, but it would be perfectly at home floating down an aisle.  Seriously, can you not see this at a New Year’s wedding?!




For those retro brides who also want to incorporate a bit of their theme into their dress, try a colored lace tea-length.  Colored lace was all the rage in the 1950s, so it’s a really seamless look (and darn fetching).


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