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Spring 2015 Wedding Dresses & Favorite Trends

Spring 2015 Wedding Dresses & Favorite Trends

There is a lot to love about 2015’s spring wedding dresses. Some of the trends are extensions from past collections, others seem to be a breath of fresh air–completely new and exciting.





Out of all of these fascinating spring trends, there are five that stand out as our favorites: metallic glow, full skirts, interesting sleeves, blouson tops, and lingerie-inspired bodices.


Metallic Glow


This is one trend that is carrying over from last year, partially due to the amazing glow champagne hues and silver accents give to a bride’s skin. Above, a glittering ivy pattern is enhanced by the slight ombre of the champagne gown.  It’s definitely a modern version of an elegant princess gown.  Below, these two silhouettes are very different, but they have a similar detailing technique. They each feature floral accents in a metallic shade (golden on the left, silvery on the right) that starts out heavier on the bodice and then diminishes slowly on the way down the gown. This subtle trick elongates your frame and adds visual interest to your dress’ style.






This one-shoulder dress below, uses a large scale pattern, adding twinkle to the entire gown.




Full Skirts


For those of you who love a sheath or figure-hugging mermaid silhouette, don’t worry, there are still plenty of dresses out there for you. Those dresses aren’t going anywhere anytime soon.  However, ballgown skirts, as well as those with voluminous layers (such as the option below) have re-emerged on the runway.  Especially with a defined waist, these are absolutely stunning on a wide range of figures.





We’ve also noticed these are especially favored when paired with lingerie-inspired bodices (more on that below) or crop top wedding dresses.  Just look at this deliciously frothy wedding dress below with its simple bustier top and mega-princess skirt.




Interesting Sleeves


Sleeve options are no longer simply cap sleeves or Kate Middleton-inspired long lace.  This season, sleeves have dominated in a wide range of lengths and shape. This very modern lace dress below has wide sleeves almost reminiscent of a kimono.  It adds volume to the top and balances out the slight mermaid silhouette.






These two spring wedding dresses prove that sleeveless doesn’t have the market cornered on sexy.  Above, these slightly sheer long sleeves feature a column of tiny buttons almost to the elbow.  Their sophisticated design perfectly complements the gown’s modern nod to classic elegance. Below, va-va-voom comes with a side of sleeves in this spectacular, bold, beaded wedding dress. The patterned sleeves bell out at the wrist for an extra dramatic effect.




Blouson Tops


I am crazy for the blouson tops trend in the spring 2015 collections. Whether as a topper or a part of the dress these tops billow out at the waistline either discreetly like the one below, or very pronounced for a flouncier effect.





One example of a more pronounced blouson top is below. This one is pleated and the top breaks up the different fabric patterns between the bodice and skirt.  This trend just goes especially well for boho or destination weddings, giving off a more relaxed, looser vibe.





Below, this Art Nouveau inspired dress features a low blouson top leading to a drop waist tied with a loose bow.




Lingerie-Inspired Bodices


At the other end of the spectrum are these sultrier, lingerie-inspired bodices. Fitted, lacy, and altogether feminine, these styles are for those that prefer a very tailored fit to their bodice. Women with more athletic figures will love the way these delicate designs flatter their svelte curves.


Below, this faux-sheer, cap sleeved bodice is transformed into an ethereal gown with its softly flowing skirt.





If you want a more structured look, try a bodice with bustier boning and use a sheer sleeved bolero (below, left). If you like your ‘lingerie’ on the boho side, you can have a similar effect with a loose, deep-scooped tank (this one on the left also features an athletic racer back).






If you love this style–super fitted on top with a ballgown skirt, but don’t want it to read as obviously lingerie as some of these other dresses, pick a simple design that is wrapped in a thin layer of tulle, such as the wedding dress below.




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