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Top Wedding Dress Trends for Fall

Top Wedding Dress Trends for Fall

Wedding dress trends for fall include more than just long sleeves and lacy cover ups. Inspired by the natural changes of the season, wedding fashion really transitions in the fall, and we have the proof right here…


deep back


A Deep “V”


This fall wedding dress trend is all about the back. Instead of giving the dress a deep v neckline, this one flaunts the back while keeping the front of the dress simple. The result is elegant, reserved, with just the right amount of allure.


blush wedding dress


Mix and Match


Fall is unpredictable- one day it can be hot and sunny, the next you have your winter coat on. Just as the season is an intricately woven pattern of weather, so the fall bride should incorporate multiple colors, textures and trends into her wedding dress. This one borrows from the blush trend, while mixing chiffon pleats with a white lace overlay. Like an antique patchwork quilt, when you bring all of these elements together, it makes something beautiful.


flutter sleeve


Flutter Sleeve


Time to brush off your mom’s wedding dress and think twice before cutting off those sleeves. Flutter sleeves, whether they are the same fabric as the dress or a delicate lace, are one of the main wedding dress trends this fall. It’s a soft vintage detail which will look beautiful as you spin under the falling leaves with your new husband!


pant suit wedding


The Pantsuit


Always felt more comfortable in pants? Well just because you’re getting married, doesn’t mean that you have to change who you are! The good news is that the pantsuit is actually one of the hottest fall wedding trends. Go luxurious with the fabric and no one will question your choice.


Kaftan wedding dress


The Kaftan


Moving on from the lingerie trend of the past, we move towards the kaftan dress, one inspired by the feminine dressing gown. The wide sleeves give a bit more coverage and warmth for a cool autumn wedding while channeling a very en vogue look.


lace collar wedding dress


White Collar


As you are digging out your turtleneck sweaters for the chilly fall weather, think about why they look good in the first place. Bring on the high neck wedding dresses, they’re just what we needed!

two piece wedding dress


Two Piece


The two piece wedding dress trend of the summer continues into fall with longer, sleeker look. Add some extra long sleeves, and trade in the tulle for a tailored lace or satin skirt. Now that is one hot bridal look!


detailed wedding dress




If you love simple dresses but are afraid of being a forgettable bride, keep the cut classic while indulging in the detailed fabric trend. Whether it’s stitching, beading, or embroidery, add some pizzazz without taking away from your timeless bridal look.

lace wedding dress


Vintage Lace


This version of the lace is not what we have been seeing in previous wedding dress trends. Instead of being a bright white, it’s a soft champagne color that lends it a more vintage feel.


boat neck wedding dress


Boat Neck


The demure boat neck is back, this time in a long sleeve version that we can’t seem to keep our eyes off of. Apart from the practicality of this more covered look for the fall weather, its timeless nature means that even your grandkids will love your dress.