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Wedding Dresses with Cutouts

Wedding Dresses with Cutouts

We get it if your first thought when you saw the title to this article was, ‘What?!




We get it if your first thought when you saw the title to this article was, ‘What?! Cutouts are for cookies, not wedding dresses!’  Sure, the concept sounds a bit out there, but this 2015 trend for wedding dresses is all about tasteful design elements, geometric influence, and high fashion.  We think you are going to love these fabulous cutout dresses from subtle and sophisticated (above) to definite va-va-voom.


The cutout trend arrived courtesy of the big statement backs of last year.  And certainly that’s evident in this trend today with either small cutouts that are highlighted by intricate boleros to create a myriad of shapes (above) or ones that move around the gown like the keyhole neckline mirrored in the back cutouts below.





Cutout backs can be sweetly retro (the dress above also embraces bows–another huge detail this year) or add an unexpectedly modern touch to an otherwise traditionally romantic gown (below).





Of course, these cutout backs can also be much larger. Even though it is technically showing off more skin, because the rest of these lovely dresses are so demure, no one will think it is the least bit scandalous–even Grandma Ruth.  Above, complement the lace on your gown with a scalloped pattern to your cutout. Or emphasize a high collar or cap sleeves with a diamond-ish shape that runs high and low and dips in at the center of the bodice (below, left and right).






Another interesting place to incorporate cutouts is along the waistline or running down the sides of the bodice. Granted, a lot of women aren’t going to want to go completely bare in this area. If that’s you, look for dresses with cutouts filled in with lace or sheer fabric.  Above, these notched cutouts at the waist actually give this model more of a hourglass shape and flatters her figure. Below, this long sheath avoids being too plain with its lace along the sides, dipping low on the hip.




And seriously, this gown below takes it to a whole new level, effortlessly merging a tuxedo shirt with a delightfully ruffled skirt, all thanks to the lace cutouts along the inner bodice.  Werk it, gurl.





For a really subtle cutout, aim for one near the neckline or shoulder.  Above, this modern minimalist gown is given a triangle shape right below the shoulder.  A completely refined look, this dress doesn’t need more than a statement bracelet and neutral makeup to really sing.  Below, traditional brides will love what a small bolero can create along a classic strapless neckline.





For the boldest and trendiest of brides, check out these crop top wedding dresses, perhaps the ultimate of the cutout trend. Above, a sheer bodice gives the illusion of coverage with this utterly fantastic sequined dress (if you had told me that a crop top dress could look truly elegant and modern and be covered in sequins, I would not have believed you).


Below, a similar inlay with these vertical and horizontal cutouts keeps the bride secure in her gown, but definitely stealing the show!





A crop top cutout can be just a sliver of skin (above) or a whole lotta peek-a-boo. Below, this cutout pattern gives the effect of dense lace embroidery on the crop top, and the cutout is also reflected in the simple skirt’s thigh high slit.




Not all waist cutouts have to be straight across, this Reem Acra dress below features a unique shape, that is also carried through to the cuffs of the sleeves.




Okay, and if all of these cutouts just weren’t enough, here is one dress full of them. Cutouts can also be used throughout a gown with strategically placed fabric to create an undone, tattered effect, such as the dress below.




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