10 Charming Outdoor Engagement Photos

10 Charming Outdoor Engagement Photos

Find ideas for your own outdoorsy e-session from these 10 photos.


Happy Campers

If you two pack up your tent and Coleman stove regularly, outdoor engagement photos can be a great way to capture your favorite way to spend a weekend. Go set up camp and invite your photographer along for the fun!


Want s’more?

If there is one food that absolutely must go on every camping-themed engagement session, it is the mighty marshmallow. Roast your sweetie something sweet over a roaring campfire.


What a Catch!

If you both love to go fishing, this is another activity that photographs really well in an e-session. Plus, if you manage to hook a big one, you’ll have photographic evidence.


A Quiet Moment

Make like The Notebook and take a boat ride on a quiet lake. Being engaged can quickly go from intimate to wedding planning chaos, so taking an afternoon away is always a good thing.


Backyard Retreat

What if you two love to be outdoors, but don’t have the time to take your engagement session to the woods? Hack a version of your favorite camping moments in your own backyard. Open a bottle of wine, break out the s’mores, and have a lovely time around your patio firepit.


All Wrapped Up

Want outdoor engagement photos, but don’t have a particular theme in mind? That’s just fine. Head out to your favorite spot for some sweet portraits against a woodsy backdrop. If you have a family heirloom quilt, bring it along for a rustic accessory. Nana will love seeing her handiwork in the images!


Journey the Open Road

More of a day-tripping couple? We love these outdoor engagement photos featuring a vintage VW van and a cute twosome weaving their way through a park.


Romance with a View

Every area has that one-of-a-kind natural landmark that makes their region unique (it’s usually the one on all the postcards). Contact a nearby photographer to meet you there to create your own picture-perfect pose.


Sun-Soaked Sessions

Of course, not all outdoor engagement photos are in the forest. If you live on the coast, you need to show off your enviable ocean view! This bride and groom multi-tasked their morning surf date with their e-session.


Hit the Slopes!

Likewise, if you live in the mountains and get engaged in the winter, hit the slopes for a snowy, magical engagement session. We adore this particular shot of a snowboarding couple on a ski lift.