10 Gorgeous Pearl Engagement Rings for Every Kind of Bride

10 Gorgeous Pearl Engagement Rings for Every Kind of Bride

Pearl engagement rings are feminine and romantic alternatives to traditional diamond rings. Worn for centuries by royals and emperors, it’s your turn to play princess.



Trend Setter


This beautifully delicate pearl and diamond ring has just the right amount of vintage flair paired with the current minimalist trend. One thing we can say for sure is that it’s definitely not your grandma’s engagement ring.



True Antique


Rings like this aren’t easy to come by. Especially when they are centuries-old and have a history that is longer than that of some countries. Pearl engagement rings are often antique finds, so if you appreciate the romance of history, keep an eye out for a stunning vintage rings like this one.



Bold and Beautiful


The bold, modern setting is a surprising contrast to the soft nature and curves of the pearl. However, the space around the pearl itself lightens up the ring and makes it a perfect combination of the two elements.



Vintage Love


This antique style ring is resplendent in its tri-pearl arrangement. The setting, like something straight out of Downton Abbey, is just what the vintage bride is looking for.



Mind Game


This Edwardian-style pearl engagement ring is a timeless beauty. Whether it is a real antique from the Edwardian era or a custom ring designed by an up-and-coming jeweler, keep your awestruck girlfriends guessing!



Power Woman


This assertive ring is an interesting symbol of today’s power woman: strong and confident on the outside with a beautiful and delicate center. This designer definitely thinks outside of the box.





The halo trend doesn’t just look good on diamonds, and if this little beauty doesn’t prove that, nothing will. The diamond halo around this single pearl is a unique spin on the trend of the year.


Crowning Glory


How elegant is the super simple band paired with an intricate “crown” of gold to hold the pearl? The style is perfectly balanced and perfectly suited for being a much coveted pearl engagement ring.



Mermaid’s Choice


Drawing inspiration from the natural source of pearls, this jeweler created a one-of-a-kind ring, complete with a natural pearl, rough diamonds flanking it, and a goldsmithing technique that give it coral-like structures. All you aspiring mermaids out there, this is your ring.



Happy Tear


We are all used to seeing round pearls in different settings. This showstopper has a pearl cut into a tear or pear shape, and to top it off, is additionally adorned with small diamonds.