10 Underwater Engagement Photos That Will Take Your Breath Away

10 Underwater Engagement Photos That Will Take Your Breath Away

When it comes to love, sometimes you just have to jump right in! That’s exactly what these couples did with their engagement photos.


Taking underwater engagement photos is a trend that we are seeing more and more, especially with adventurous couples who are planning destination weddings. As effortless as these photos may seem, looking natural underwater isn’t the easiest task. It may take a couple shots to get the exact photo you’re looking for but we can promise that it will be a fun and exciting experience. Get inspired by these romantic and playful photos and start practicing holding your breath now! These 10 underwater engagement photos will make even the Little Mermaid jealous.

1. I have a feeling that this is what most underwater photos look like. Don’t be afraid to jump right in! It may take a few a little while to feel completely comfortable holding your breath without looking like a blowfish.

2. The key to underwater photos is to wear something loose and flowy so that it looks great in the bouyant water. This bride nailed it with this romantic lace number and long flowing hairstyle.

3. Not an expert at holding your breath? You can get the same dreamy effect by only going halfway underwater. Keep your hair and makeup intact while getting the cool outcome of underwater engagement photos.

4. How this lovely bride-to-be is smiling underwater is beyond me, but this photo of the couple swimming into eachother’s arms is adorably heartwarming.

5. If kissing underwater seems a tad difficult try going half under water. This Hawaiian engagement session is filled with gorgeous black and white shots of the lovely couple in and out of the surf.

6. Super fun and flirty, this couple looks completely natural in their underwater environment. Their all-white outfits make a stunning contrast to the deep blue of the pool water surrounding them and the bright red rose also adds a little ‘wow’ factor.

7. Swimming pools are great for underwater engagement photos because of the already clear water. If you are coordinated enough, swimming in sync makes for extra cute photos that you can use for your save the dates!

8. Cheers to the happy couple! This champagne toast is extra bubbly in the incredibly clear ocean water. Using props in your underwater is a great idea for your engagement photos as long as they aren’t made of paper or any other substance that the water might disintegrate.

9. Ever dreamt of having an underwater dinner party? This engaged couple took vintage looking decor and submerged it in water for great looking photos – although they probably didn’t light the candles.

10. If you don’t want to be fully submerged in the water, aquariums are a great option! This couple went to the Detroit Zoo to get the full underwater feel without getting themselves all wet.

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