10 Ways to Create Modern Engagement Photos

10 Ways to Create Modern Engagement Photos

We show you ten ways to help you design your own modern engagement photo shoot.




Show Off Your Hometown


Couples are increasingly showing off their hometown skylines and popular sights in their modern engagement photos. Whether you live in the city or a small town, this is a fun way to showcase where you live with your long distance friends and family.




Find the Right Props


Modern engagement photos use props sparingly and carefully. If you want to go to your favorite coffee shop or bakery, use some of the treats you love to indulge in. But don’t pick something just because you liked how it looked in another couple’s session. Props should be personalized to your own preferences and tastes.




Be Candid


Don’t get caught up in portrait poses and looking serious all the time. Let your emotions out to play with cool candid photos that capture the joy of the moment!




Show Off Your Glam Side


Juxtaposition is a popular element in modern engagement photos. When you want an utterly dramatic effect for your images, pick a dynamic outdoors backdrop (this one was the rocky coast of Big Sur) and go all-out glam elegance in your wardrobe.




Return to the Scene of the Crime


Do you two have a special place for romantic dinners? The setting for your first date or perhaps the proposal? Return to the scene of the crime for a personalized engagement session. This ingenious bride and groom were also able to use tasty cocktails as “props.” Brilliant idea, you two!




Be Hilarious


Are you two the hit of every party? There’s no reason not to show off your terrific senses of humor with funny modern engagement photos. This cute couple opted to design their session around their tendencies to be “crazy cat people.”




Multitask with a Great Memory


Hop in the car with your photographer for a day trip or meet up with a local photographer during a weekend getaway. Take care of your engagement session and create a vacation keepsake all at the same time. These photos will have extra significance for you as you reflect on that memorable trip.




Look Like Yourselves


Traditional engagement photos often involve couples looking like the JC Penney Portrait Studio version of themselves. Skip that noise, and go with what you wear everyday instead.




Incorporate Your Hobbies


Every couple geeks out about something, from fly fishing to comic books. Incorporate your hobbies into your engagement session if you want photos that feel playful, fun, and completely personal.




Stay at Home


For the ultimate in comfy-cozy e-sessions, stay at home for your modern engagement photos. This very casual setting lends an intimate vibe to your images, and it also invites people into your home who might not be able to visit.