12 Couples Show You How to Dress for Your E-Session

12 Couples Show You How to Dress for Your E-Session

12 couples that look sensational in their e-sessions.

When you see as many engagement sessions as we do, you see a whole lot of beautiful photos with well-dressed couples. And then, there are the others.  From clashing colors to rolled-out-of-bed wrinkled shirts, we want to make sure you don’t fall prey to these wardrobe disasters.



1. Cold weather engagement sessions allow you both to sport your favorite outerwear. This couple went hiking in knit caps and neutral-colored jackets.  They look great and also blend in with the picturesque landscape.

2. Want to coordinate but not be ridiculously matchy-matchy?  This Boston couple nails it with wool pea coats in different colors.  Hers is paired with a cozy infinity scarf, his is open enough to reveal a plaid shirt underneath.




3. Relaxed engagement sessions at coffee shops and bookstores are so popular.  For a summer session, this coffee-sipping couple (above, left) choose a cute sundress and jeans combo. When the temperatures drop a little, take a cue from this bride and groom (above, right) who opted for a professorial- chic look with a shawl sweater for him and sophisticated cigarette pants for her.



4. Using your engagement photos for your save-the-date and want them to look just a little bridal? This couple matched in ivory with him in a button-up shirt and her in a dreamy lace dress with floral crown.



5. New Yorkers might talk a little too fast and not take any nonsense, but they sure know how to look fabulous. This bride posed in a fetching pink and white striped dress and her fella wore a dashing suit with a pink pocket square to match (gentlemen, please note his exceedingly well-pressed shirt and trousers).



6. Disneyland is already a pretty magical place, but this sweet twosome opted to make it even more romantic by wearing slightly retro duds. He wisely coordinated with his bride by wearing a sweater vest and tie to go with her tea-length frock.



7. This Hitchcock-themed photo session is one of the best we’ve ever seen.  With her in a bright red dress and him in a divine suit and skinny tie, these two lit up the streets of San Francisco with their charm!



8. This London session features a stunning couple walking around London.  Her lovely cream-colored wrap dress and his natty tweed sport coat pair well for this rainy day shoot.



9. Are you both a bit edgy and modern when it comes to fashion? This chic couple above decided on sleek his and her jackets to wear at their evening urban photo shoot.



10. When you want to go all-out glam, you both have to commit. This bride wears the coolest black ballgown ever, while reclining against her fiance in a swanky tux.



11. With all of these fancy couples, we don’t want to give you the impression that you can’t wear your comfiest clothes for your engagement session.  We love that the couple above chose to have a simple day at home for their shoot.

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