12 Engagement Party Desserts

12 Engagement Party Desserts

These tasty treats will turn your afternoon party into a delicious event!



A Little Something Indulgent


We’ve got 10 delicious engagement party desserts for your shindig. When you host an engagement party, the expense can quickly get out of hand. Make your hosting duties easier and your event more affordable by hosting an afternoon party. Serve tea, coffee, and some of these sweet treats to your guests.


These rich chocolate cupcakes would be perfect with a strong cup of Italian roast.



Apple Pie Americana


For a summer engagement party in a sunshine-filled backyard, nothing beats a slice of apple pie and a cold glass of iced tea.



Nutella Addicts, Be Warned!


These addictive Nutella cheesecake bars are beyond tasty. You had better double the batch for the party because these go fast!



Beer & Brownies


Dessert tables can often be filled with fluffy pink cupcakes and other very non-manly baked goods. We guarantee the men at the party won’t turn down these Guinness brownies. The stout in the recipe brings out the dark chocolate flavor.



Honeyed Baklava


The most impressive engagement party desserts are those that we don’t ever take the time to make ourselves. This baklava will have your guests and the couple of honor oohing and aahing.



Seasonal Fresh Fruit


Summer is the season of berries. Show off local bounty by making a lemon tart topped with ripe, fresh blueberries.



Everything’s Better with Sprinkles


You can’t really have a celebratory cake without sprinkles. This chocolate cake with whipped peanut butter frosting is yummy enough on its own, but when doused in multicolored sprinkles, it’s party perfection.



Got Pie, Will Travel


When you’ve got more guests than seats, your friends and family will appreciate you keeping the desserts a bit more portable. Few things are more awkward than standing while trying to eat a big gooey dessert balanced on a paper plate. These sour cherry hand pies are a great solution to avoiding a party foul. Tasty and charming, we’re betting that you catch Aunt Linda sneaking a couple into her purse.



Bake Ahead Cakes


Moist bundt cakes like this coconut cake can easily be made the day before the party, leaving you more time to get prepared on the day of.



Homemade or Store Bought


When it comes to sugar and carbs, no one is going to care if the desserts are homemade or store bought. So unless you enjoy time in the kitchen, save yourself the stress and purchase your treats from a local bakery. These madelines are made special by dipping them in layers of brightly colored white chocolate.



Milk & Cookies


You never get too old to savor an ice-cold glass of milk and warm cookie. These vanilla toffee cookies are the perfect blend of sweet and slightly salty.



Sweet Fruit Salad


Blend together the sweetest fruits and a couple of other ingredients to make a magical fruit salad that is naturally delicious.