12 Ideas for a City Engagement Session

12 Ideas for a City Engagement Session

Planning an e-session in your favorite city?


An Incredible View

Your e-session should capture the two of you at this exciting phase. When you also want to show off your city, it adds an element to your personalities and relationship, giving a peek into your everyday lives. Here are 12 ideas to remember as you plan your own city engagement session.

This Phoenix shoot featured many photos around Phoenix, but our favorite one was this image that showcased the city lights at dusk from a desert mountain. Whatever city you live in, display something that makes it unique.


The City’s Dress Code

Some cities are all about embracing the casual, while others appreciate a more glamorous dress code. Make sure to show a little of your city’s sensibility with how you present yourselves. In Atlanta, where you can never be too on-point, this couple was dressed to the nines in fabulous evening attire.


Famous Landmarks

If your city has a very famous landmark, why not showcase it in your shoot? This engagement session took place on the Brooklyn Bridge last fall. Even friends and family who had yet to visit NYC recognized the location.


A Breath of Fresh Air

Your friends and family that live in more rural areas might not appreciate that your city has plenty of natural beauty to offer. Head to a favorite park or hiking trail that highlights how the two of you spend time outside together.


Something Seasonal

What event makes your city come alive? Every destination usually has some type of annual event that its citizens anticipate each year. Perhaps it is a fall harvest celebration, or a 4th of July fireworks extravaganza. For this couple’s Minneapolis e-session, they chose to go to the local fair where they could dine on their favorite carnival treats.


Hidden Gems

Particularly if you will be using your city engagement session for your save-the-dates, you might want to give a little love to the hidden wonders of your city. While everyone knows all about the Hollywood sign and SoCal’s amazing beaches, this Los Angeles couple chose to focus on architectural gems like Union Station and the Bradbury Building.


Have a Little Fun

Engagement sessions are best when they have a wide range of moments, from romantic to quirky (because, seriously, how many pensive poses do you two really have?). Goof off a little and have some fun. For this Chicago session, this couple posed within a cool local sculpture for a humorous shot.


Remember Your Neighborhood

Years later, when you reflect on your engagement session, you might not be living in the same neighborhood, or even the same city. Take a few photos of the place you are currently calling home. In New Orleans, this bride and groom started their session inside their house and then went on a walk through their local city streets.


Home Team Pride

Are you two die-hard fans? Show off your local pride by taking your city engagement session to the local ballpark or stadium. These Detroit fans had Comerica Park all to themselves!


Tourist Favorites

Will your guests be traveling to your home city for your wedding? Give them some vacation inspiration by taking photos in front of tourist hot spots. For this Seattle engagement session, the couple posed in front of the original Starbucks location (coffee and modern Americana? We’re in!).


The Scene of the Crime

Want to share a little bit of your love story? Take a picture in front of where he popped the question or where the two of you had your first date.


Your Sanctuary

You two have such different interests, but chances are that you share a place where both of you enjoy going for a little down time. This sweet Denver couple visited their favorite independent bookstore and caught up on their reading list.