12 Wedding Registry Items for an At-Home Date Night

12 Wedding Registry Items for an At-Home Date Night

Plan a creative at-home date night with the help of these wedding registry items.



Classic Board Games


Unleash your competitive side for your next at-home date night. Jenga, Scrabble or whatever your board game weakness may be, add it to your wedding registry.





Movie Theater Popcorn


When you don’t want to go to the theater, bring it to your home. Movie night isn’t the same without the staple movie theater snack, courtesy of an old-fashioned popcorn machine.



Fancy Fondue Set


From meat and cheese to strawberries and chocolate, your very own fondue set is perfect for feeding a party. Even if it’s just a party of two.



Home Brew


For the beer lovers, brew your own right at home with an easy-to-use kit. From IPAs to gluten-free beer, the possibilities are endless.



Picnic for 2


Take a hike, or just pack a picnic for the backyard. This picnic basket set includes two sets of wine glasses, plates and flatware for fine dining outdoors.



Tech-Savvy “Fireplace”


If you’re missing out on a grand fireplace mantle in your home, this modern “fireplace” can make your living room a lot cozier. Besides the LED flames, this wall mount is the perfect addition to a blank wall and can heat smaller spaces. Bonus: Bluetooth speakers included.



Comfy Throws


Cuddle up by the fireplace (real or fake) with quality throw blankets. Match them to your living room accents for a space that’s as stylish as it is cozy.



Newlywed Recipes


Stir up some new recipes in the kitchen with the ever-popular Newlywed Cookbook. It’s designed for both novice and expert cooks with recipes for weeknight meals and fancy date nights alike.



Wine Club


Wine conoisseurs rejoice – there’s a subscription just for you. Plan a monthly wine night in together with a wine subscription for your wedding registry, featuring an ever-changing selection.





Fresh Cheese Kit


No need to run to the store to pick up cheese for wine night. This hand kit lets you create mascarpone, mozzarella and other Italian-style cheeses right in your kitchen.



Marble Cheese Board


Your wine and cheese night isn’t complete without fresh, modern style. Add a quality cheese board and set to your wedding registry, and don’t forget the monogram for a classic detail.




Cocktail Creations


If you’d rather stir up your own drinks, put your mixology skills to use with a cocktail recipe book. Later, you can impress your guests with your cocktail creations the next time you host a party.


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