17 Ring Designers to Follow On Instagram

17 Ring Designers to Follow On Instagram

Add a little bling to your Instagram feed by following these engagement ring designers.


Anna Sheffield


Hailing from New Mexico, this New-York based designer expresses her own unique take on mixed metal jewelry. From rose gold metals to intricate arrangements of neutral-colored gemstones, modern inspiration tends to grace her Instagram feed.



Digby & Iona


Inspired by artifacts and literature among other historical elements, designer Aaron Ruff opened Digby & Iona in 2006. Likewise, his work reflects vintage glamour and symbolic details drawn from ancient philosophical traditions.



Erica Weiner


Another vintage inspired designer, Weiner combines recycled gemstones with antique motifs for a new take on vintage. Based out of Manhattan, her team carefully curates engagement rings with references to specific moments in history.



Eva Fehren


Born and raised in the West Village of NYC, Fehren has been surrounded by all kinds of urban achitecture for her entire life. From crisscrossing patterns to geometric designs, you can see how these inspirations are woven into her minimalist style.



Jamie Joseph


If you love colorful statement jewelry, you’re in for a treat by following Joseph’s Instagram. Based in Seattle, her collections offer bold gemstones and eco-conscious materials.



Jennie Kwon Designs


From classical violinst to attorney, Kwon discovered her passions within different career paths. After taking on the role of mother, she also became inspired to design engagement rings. Rather than distracting from the gemstones, her approach emphasizes simple details to let the gemstones steal the show for every type of ring setting.



Jessica McCormack


From growing up around antique treasures at her father’s auction house to starting her career in the jewelry department of Sotheby’s, McCormack draws inspiration from her beginnings. Her London-based bridal collection is specifically recognized for two designs, Wings of Desire and Tetris (pictured here).



Ken & Dana Design


Since 1973, Ken & Dana Design has created stunning socially conscious engagement rings, many of which include nods to nature. You’ll find their delicately designed bands all over their Instagram feed and sometimes upon the hands of well known celebrities (looking at you, Beyoncé).



Martin Katz


Another big name among red carpet stars, this Beverly Hills designer includes some of the most glitzy and luxurious rings we ever did see. Give him a follow and you’ll find everything from 7-carat yellow diamonds to these glamorous bad boys.





Geode lovers, rejoice – there’s an engagement ring (or a few hundred) just for you. Mineralogy by Theresa Cowan showcases a variety of natural mineral and gemstone creations, from amethyst statement pieces to this dreamy color combo.





If you’re looking for more colorful engagement rings, we also suggest following MOCIUN by Caitlin Mociun. Known for simplistic cluster rings and turquoise and diamond arrangements, her designs deliver a minmalist-esque elegance.



Nikos Koulis Jewels


With an eye for contemporary design, this Greek designer highlights every gemstone with bold shapes and colors. Far from the traditional, Koulis continues to redefine modern style with the most unexpected elements.



Sarah O. Jewelry


A hidden gem among the big names, Denver-based designer Sarah Ortega everything from traditional to alternative styles. If you want inspiration for men’s engagement or wedding rings, look no further than her Instagram for boho-inspired designs like these.



Satomi Kawakita Jewelry


Moving from Japan to Boston and now NYC, Kawakita draws inspiration from her diverse background in textiles, glass-blowing and jewelry design. Her mytisque collections glimmer a subtle sense of luxe, including this classic ruby hexagon piece.



Sethi Couture


There are custom ring designs, and then there are personalizable ring trends like the beloved stackable bands. Rendering old world diamonds with a contemporary twist, sisters Pratima and Prerna Sethi design a myriad of bands that can be collected to fit every bride-to-be’s style.



Steven Webster


Flower children, look no further than this glamorous statement piece brought to you by Webster. From cocktail rings to showstopping bands, this London-based designer’s jewelry is meant for the trendsetters who crave a ring that’s out of the ordinary.



Trumpet & Horn


In case you haven’t noticed already, we’re a little partial (okay, extremely partial) to T&H for too many reasons to list here. If you enjoyed seeing some of their signature vintage-inspired pieces featured in the Spring 2017 issue of mywedding Magazine, then you’ll love what their Instagram has to offer.