5 Tips for Planning a Valentine’s Day Proposal

5 Tips for Planning a Valentine’s Day Proposal

Everything you need to know to plan a Valentine’s Day proposal.

If you’re thinking of proposing, Valentine’s Day might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting on. After all, your sweetie will already be in a romantic mood on this most love-centered of holidays. It’s time to enlist Cupid and make your proposal perfect with these 5 tips.


Keep It Simple (and Classy)


February 14 is the only day on the calendar completely devoted to love, but it’s very easy to end up surrounded by paper cutouts and elementary school Valentine’s cards. Avoid the cheesiness of the holiday and focus on the elegant: red roses, white twinkling lights, and (best of all!) your future fiancee!


Use Candles


A candlelight proposal is incredibly romantic and perfect for Cupid’s big day. If you’re popping the question over dinner, dim the light and place candles between the place settings. If you’re dropping to one knee in her favorite park, see if you can enlist a friend to put candles around the spot you plan for the moment to happen.


Plan Ahead


If your big proposal plans include dinner before, during, or after she says yes, you’ll want to make sure this is one time you don’t fly by the seat of your pants. Make reservations at your chosen restaurant several weeks in advance and then call again a day or two before Valentine’s Day to reconfirm.


Use the Weather to Your Advantage


In most of the Northern Hemisphere, the weather is chilly (at best) around Valentine’s Day. But don’t be discouraged by the near-freezing temperatures and snowy forecast. Bundle up and head out into a romantic winter wonderland if she’s not averse to a short hike. If you’d rather stay inside, rent a cabin with a fireplace, build a roaring fire and enjoy the romantic ambiance of winter that way.


Take It To the Next Level


Since Valentine’s Day is supposed to be romantic already, you’re going to need to make your proposal stand out. Have a private dinner for two with special wait staff at a table tucked away in the corner of her favorite restaurant. Arrange to have a violinist serenade the two of you while you sip Champagne at her favorite museum. Combine what she loves with something spectacular.


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