A Gorgeous Vintage Engagement Shoot from Gideon Photography

A Gorgeous Vintage Engagement Shoot from Gideon Photography

Marlee and Tyler’s can’t-take-a-bad-picture engagement shoot from Gideon Photography.


Because, honestly, these two, look fantastic no matter what they’re doing. They’re in a soda shop, looking adorable, eating ice cream; then they’re having a romantic picnic (with a heavenly dress) looking happy and in love; finally, they head over to a bridge for shots that show off their more dramatic side (and Marlee’s great taste in shoes). They look gorgeous and totally at ease.


Now I know there are a lot of photos in this session (I just couldn’t bear to leave any more out!), so don’t miss Marlee and Tyler’s comments about their session after the photos. It’s (obviously) totally adorable.






















































The couple’s thoughts:
How did you two meet?
Marlee: We saw each other for the first time at a wedding reception-but didn’t talk! We made each other too nervous. A few weeks later, my sister and I played a concert, to which he came. He sat somewhere in the back, and once again did not try to talk to me. If you ask him about it now, he’ll tell you that all of this was strategic. We finally met at a pizza place in Salt Lake, and he asked me out that night.
Marlee: We took a road trip last year where literally every single thing went wrong-the car broke down, a huge snowstorm hit, our car was forced off the freeway, we had to sleep in a church, had almost no money, and it was hands down one of the best weekends of my life. I remember thinking then that I never wanted anyone else. It wasn’t any one thing that sold me. It was a combination of things. I’d never loved anyone like that before, and knew that he made me happier than I’d ever been.
Tyler: I feel like it was really obvious from really early on.
How did he propose?
Marlee: He asked me to marry him while we were dancing to Ray Charles in his living room, March 11. It was completely spontaneous and I was so shocked I forgot to answer him. After he’d been on his knee for a few minutes, he reminded me that it was probably a good time to say yes or no.
Was there anything special about the location you chose?
Marlee: We were ecstatic Gideon Photography would be taking our pictures, and were happy to go to St. George for our pictures. Not only was it warm weather down there, but beautiful. The parlor pictures are totally representative of our relationship for a few reasons…first off, I am a dairy lover and ice-cream ADDICT. It’s probably not a good habit, but I sometimes eat the stuff for breakfast. I loved the little parlor called Judds that we shot at in St. Georges! It had an old fashioned feel, something that we’re fans of. Picnics are also something that Tyler and I find ourselves doing pretty often when the weather’s nice. We love walking around Salt Lake and finding somewhere nice to lay down and enjoy the day. We were really excited about the colors-green grass is something that isn’t really alive yet where we live-so we were happy to see that again. We’re both getting really excited and antsy for summer already, so those shots were a perfect little preview into what’s to come. We felt really comfortable and at ease with Jimmy, his sense of humor and creativity not only made the experience easier but came out in the uniqueness of the shots.
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