A Mountainous, Lakeside Engagement Session by Perpixel Photography

Happy Monday morning! There is nothing I like better than starting off the week with a cup of coffee, a lovely engagement session and all of you.

Happy Monday morning! There is nothing I like better than starting off the week with a cup of coffee, a lovely engagement session and all of you. And today’s shoot by Perpixel Photography has just the right amount of lakeside relaxation to ease us into the week; I feel like I should make the first photo into my screensaver as a reminder of what summer at the lake (with the one you love, of course) feels like…

And Frank and Caroline are such a sweet couple. They look laid-back and relaxed – like they just happened to be hanging out at their favorite locale when Perpixel decided to snap a series of shots of them. What a lovely way to start the week!

And, there’s extra goodness today because both Frank and Caroline hopped in to give us their perspectives on the proposal and how they met – all the juicy details are after the photos.

Frank and Caroline’s Thoughts:
How did you meet?
Frank and I met at our church. It was one of those typical Sunday mornings, where we were suppose to greet each other, and he happened to be new to our Youth Group. And since, I was an oldie, I decided to greet him first with a firm handshake. I didn’t have a good impression of him, and started off by not liking him. But eventually his personality grew on me and started dating a month later. And from then on, it was sparks! And God’s Right Timing!

How did you know (s)he was the one?
Caroline: I knew he was the one because of his love for God and our common interests. We have gone through a lot the past 5 and a half years, and for a guy to stick through the thick and thin with me is extremely hard to find. I also knew he was ‘the one’ because he understands my quirkiness and awkwardness, and accepts every flaw I have.
Frank: I knew Caroline was ‘the one’ because she was different from the typical girls I hung around with. Also, I knew she was ‘the one’ because we have gone through so much in the past few years. She also keeps our relationship challenging and fresh. She constantly challenges me to do better in everything. I also see the compassion and level of grace she has towards me.

Tell us about the proposal!
Frank’s perspective: It was really hard to propose to Caroline because she’s the type of girl who is always on top of things. She’s been wanting to get engaged for a while now. She even picked out her ring and told me multiple ways on how she wanted to get engaged. The hard part was figuring out how to propose to her that was different and unique but yet meant a lot to us. I had her ring custom made and had my parents bring it over from thailand. We have been planning on taking my parents to the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, and figured it would be the perfect time. I recruited my sister in helping me out with the engagement. We were on the roof top of the Griffith and found a secluded spot in the corner. My parents then perceived to ask my sister to ‘take a picture’ and that’s when all the nerves started…

Caroline’s Perspective: When heading up to the Griffith, I had no idea anything was going on, besides the fact that we were going to take his parents out. We actually almost didn’t make it there, because there was no parking, and was getting ready to turn around and head home. But, when he started reaching into his pocket to pull something out oI started panicking, because he completely caught me off guard, and so I started backing away from him. But his sister kept pushing me towards him, and before I knew it he was on his knee. I’ve always told myself that I wouldn’t cry when he proposed, but he caught me so off guard that I started tearing up. And of course I said ‘YES.’

Was there anything special about your engagement shoot locations?
The engagement shoot is special to us, because we both love the mountains. That was the first common interest we found in each other was that, we weren’t beach people, but we more of the mountainous type. And Lake Arrowhead is by far our favorite place outside the city. When we need to get away for a few hours (from all this crazy wedding planning) from the city, we head to lake arrowhead to grab a cup of coffee and homemade crossiants, and sit by the lake, to detox our thoughts. And the weather up there could not have been any more perfect!

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