Classic Wedding and Engagement Rings for Men

Classic Wedding and Engagement Rings for Men

Wedding and engagement rings for men should be sophisticated and masculine.



Cool & Edgy


A modern but sleek take on the man’s engagement or wedding ring, this rose gold piece will relieve any of the qualms that your man might have been feeling about wearing jewelry.



Black Diamond Pave


If you’re of the opinion that engagement rings for men should have some diamonds, this is one that both you and your future hubby can agree on. The black diamonds retain a very cool and understated look.



Two Toned


Can’t decide on what kind of wedding or engagement band to get your loved one? This two-toned look has a bit of the trendy rose gold lined with versatile and elegant white gold. No having to worry about the ring clashing with any of his other accessories, he’s got his bases covered.



Linked Forever


No one said that engagement rings for men have to be plain. This band has neat link designs on it, giving the ring a cool notched appearance while also looking subdued thanks to the white gold color.





This American-made ring has an interesting texture that will set your man’s band apart from all the seemingly similar styles that are out there. There are multi-milgrain center lines with contrasting polished outer edges that bring it all together.



Simply Brushed


Just like some brides, there are grooms that just want something simple, and here’s exactly that. Though this brushed texture might deviate from the classic polished look, believe us when we say that they all will look like this organically in a shorter amount of time than you think. Besides, it has less of a flashy shine, something that shy men might appreciate.



The Blacksmith’s Ring


There is something extremely masculine about this hammered engagement or wedding band. On a practical note, the hammered design is perfect for a man who works with his hands, as additional dents or scratches will not be readily noticed. Looks good and it’s guaranteed to stay that way- now that’s something your guy will like.





If your boyfriend is a history buff and loves the 20s, surprise him with a vintage engagement ring. This Art Deco beauty has an amazing design to appreciate and even you will love showing off.



Sparkle & Shine


This luxurious engagement ring has everything: gold, diamonds, a white gold wire design, and obviously the heart of the person offering it. It’s the kind of ring that you give a man that has everything and appreciates good taste and quality.



From Outer Space


Hands up if your other half is a huge space nerd. No need to be embarrassed, it actually makes this decision process easier for you! Believe it or not, but this cobalt band actually has pieces of genuine Gibeon Meteorite inlaid into it. That’s right, your fiance’s reaction will be out of this world!