Engagement Announcements: The Dos and Don’ts of Sharing Your Big News Online

Engagement Announcements: The Dos and Don’ts of Sharing Your Big News Online

With all the excitement surrounding your big news, take a moment to learn the do’s and don’ts of sharing the big news on social media.


You’re engaged – congratulations! Making engagement announcements is one of the most fun aspects of the entire process, but can also be tricky when it comes to the etiquette of sharing. Here’s everything you need to know to share the news without hurting feelings.


Engagement Announcement Don’ts


Share the good news too quickly


Make the engagement announcements online after you’ve told close family and friends. You want to start your engagement off on the right foot, and your closest loved ones will want to celebrate with you. If you tell your parents, but forget to share the news with your siblings or best friends before announcing it to all of your acquaintances, there may be some hurt feelings. To cover your bases, make a list of your most important people and make an effort to call, text or tell them in person before sharing the news on public forums with your followers.


Ask your loved ones to be part of the bridal party online


With all the excitement surrounding your announcement, you may be tempted to ask your bridal party to be part of your special day online. It might seem like a fun idea to pop the question on social media, but you’ll lose out on an incredible bonding experience. Now, if you’re like me, some of your bridesmaids may not live close enough to ask in person. Instead of asking on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, call or Skype with them. If you ‘propose’ online to your friends, you run the risk of excluding someone else who thought they’d be included and aren’t.


Share all the details


Did you just get engaged and plan all the major details of the wedding in a short time frame? Good for you! However, you might want to keep the wedding details private, unless you plan on inviting all of your 1279 Facebook friends. Share the announcement, and even the wedding date if you know it, but keep the location private for now.


Engagement Announcement Do’s


Post a picture with your engagement announcements


Social media is saturated with images, and people pay closer attention to posts that include pictures. Don’t risk the chance that your friends will miss a short, typed ‘I’m engaged’ post. Instead, share a picture – be it an action shot or staged photo – with your big news.

Announce it quickly


Yes, it’s important to wait to make the announcement on social media sites until after you’ve shared the news with your closest family members and friends. However, it may not be impossible to get face-to-face with every loved one. If you can’t meet in person, make some phone calls first, and then share the good news online. Everyone will be so excited for you.

Be creative with your post


The ring shot is the most popular photo to share along with the good news, but don’t be afraid to get creative. If you’re looking to add some creativity to your announcement, start with what makes you unique as a couple. Love baseball? Set your bling atop a baseball. If you’re obsessed with your furbaby, try to include him/her in the photo. Some of our favorite ideas are the ones that reflect the couple’s personality. Still at a loss for inspiration? Here are two creative ideas we are loving now:


1. Put your engagement ring on the calendar and write ‘I said yes!’ on the date of the proposal.


2. Share a split picture ‘Where’s Waldo’ style, asking your social-media friends if they can spot the differences. Pose exactly the same in each picture, with the only difference being your engagement ring.


After you make your big announcement they’ll be a lot more planning to do. Here’s a great place to start.