Ideas for Black and White Engagement Photos

Ideas for Black and White Engagement Photos

The classic quality of black and white photography is something you should consider for your own romantic e-session.

Trying to decide whether you want to go black and white for your engagement session? One of the latest trend in e-sessions is including at least a few black and white engagement photos. Here are a few reasons to love these images as much as we do.

Your backdrop becomes just a little more dramatic.

Black and white engagement photos create a moment, giving the setting a distinctive appeal. Above, at this late autumn e-session, the trees were mostly bare. But in black and white, they look powerful, rather than simply stark. Because black and white images can draw your attention to the bolder details, it helps focus in on fewer elements. For example, if this image above were in color, you might not notice the couple in the center quite as much, because your eyes would also be taking in the color of the autumn leaves and the buildings in the background.

They create a sense of timelessness.

Maybe it’s all the classic movies we’ve seen, but all the best romantic moments are in black and white. If you are nostalgic about something as a couple, capture it in black and white to give it sentimental appeal. Particularly if you are concerned with your engagement session being too trendy to last a lifetime, black and white has a tremendous ability for making your photos still seem timeless.

Black and white photos excel in moody moments.

When you want your engagement session to contain images with definite intrigue, go black and white. This cold-weather coastal shoot featured a couple all bundled up with the wind whirling around them. We don’t think it would have been nearly as mysterious or moody in color.

Black and white can make a moment seem extra special.

Perhaps it’s because of all the colorful photos we shoot with our phones, but because black and white photos aren’t as prevalent, they automatically seem more meaningful. Make sure to have your photographer take a few black and white photos to remember special moments during your session.

Black and white makes bold features and accessories really pop.

Think your red lipstick is going to get lost in a black and white image? Or those thick-framed glasses you favor won’t stand out? Nope and nope. Black and white photos can actually help those favorite accessories and features steal even more attention. As the original perfecting filter, black and white blurs tiny perfections (like that blemish that appears the morning of your e-session, because, of course) and emphasizes a perfectly arched eyebrow or coiffed curls.