Lorraine & Kyle’s Hilarious Engagement Session

Lorraine & Kyle’s Hilarious Engagement Session

This goofy twosome wanted an engagement session that highlighted their offbeat senses of humor and would make their friends laugh. Mission accomplished.


I’m pretty much a fan of anyone who steadfastly marches to the beat of their own drum. You. Do. You.  So when I spotted this fan-freaking-tastically great (yep, all of that) session from Powers Photography, I knew I had to share it.  As you know, most engagement sessions involve lots of kisses on the forehead and cuddling in piles of autumn leaves and inexplicably standing ramrod-straight side by side. You know, things every couple does every day, right? Wrong. They might be pretty, but most e-sessions aren’t exactly representative of a couple’s personality. Enter Lorraine and Kyle.  Here they are below, starting the session off normal, and then things go terribly, hilariously amiss…

Lorraine, what inspired your unique e-session?

In the past year we had both been involved in over 8 weddings and we witnessed so many couples stressing out and getting caught up in the little details and trying to project this image of perfection and happiness. It is very easy to worry about how we are being perceived through social media. We all want to look like we found true love and project ourselves as these adorable and flawless packages.

We both know that we are just goofy and we try not to take life too seriously and love our cats, so we decided to include them in the pictures. If you lose your sense of humor in life, its seems like you do not have much. We both love to make each other laugh and we wanted to remind ourselves to do what makes us happy. As a ‘crazy cat couple,’ these pictures will make us laugh every time we look at them throughout they years and remind us that nothing is that serious. We are not pretty or sentimental people, we tried to do a couple ‘nice’ photos and busted up laughing and how fake and posed it seemed. We want people to look at us and laugh, know that we are genuine, share in our laughter and the goofy, silly ride that is love.