10 Dishes for Your Backyard Engagement Party

10 Dishes for Your Backyard Engagement Party

Your guests will devour these backyard engagement party dishes.



Gourmet Burgers


Elevate traditional barbecue fare with foodie-friendly gourmet burgers. This burger recipe uses Greek flavors, which would be a great way to celebrate a couple planning on honeymooning in Greece.



Unique Toppings


Or, you can create cool flavor combinations using unique toppings and condiments. This technique is also usually more cost-effective than making different entrees or meat dishes.



Zesty Salads


Salads and sides are fantastic for a backyard engagement party, not only because they can be made ahead of time, but also because they are simple ways to account for a variety of dietary considerations. By making some salads vegan or gluten-free, you can ensure that every guest has something to enjoy.



Addictive Munchies


Get that old recipe box from your grandma and search through family favorite recipes. A homemade onion dip (shown here) with blue corn tortilla chips is just the sort of snack that will keep your friends noshing happily.



Homemade Bread


Impress your friends and family with homemade hamburger buns, or sandwich bread, such as these salty pretzel rolls. If you serve the bread on its own, whip up a batch of garlic butter to accompany it.



Small Bites


Especially if you have a large guest list for your backyard engagement party, dinner might not be served right away. Give your guests delish small bites to pass the time until the grill heats up.



Rustic Entrees


Don’t want to grill? Prepare a rustic meal instead, such as these braised short ribs served on top of creamy cheese grits. It’s a deliciously simple dinner and can be easily made family-style.



Seasonal Desserts


Bake a cobbler, crisp, or pie featuring whatever fruit is currently in season. This peach and blackberry dessert would be perfect for a July event.



Ice Cream Sweets


There’s nothing like a fun surprise at the end of the evening. Make these ice cream sandwiches several days ahead of your engagement party so that they have time to freeze solid.



Boozy Treats


Your favorite nostalgic childhood treat goes grown-up with these alcohol infused frozen pops. Made with coconut water, we love the cheery bright colors you can create here.