Fun Engagement Party Games Your Guests Will Want to Play

Fun Engagement Party Games Your Guests Will Want to Play

Engagement parties are a fun way to celebrate the exciting news — and with these five fun, fool-proof engagement party games, everyone will share a laugh with each other and the bride and groom to be!



Two Truths And A Lie


This engagement party game is a great ice-breaker so everyone can get to know each other. The premise if fairly simple (read: self-explanatory). First, gather everyone into a group. Going around in a circle, each person will make three statements about himself or herself, two of which are true and one of which is false (see, self-explanatory!). The rest of the group votes on what they think which is which, truth or lie, and then the big reveal.



Couples Quiz


It’s time to figure out who really knows the happy couple. Write out a list of questions about each partner and their relationship and print it out on nice paper or stationary. Sample questions include where they met, who made the first move, their favorite restaurant, first vacation together, which one snores, who’s the better cook, etc. Just read the questions out loud and have your guests write down their answers. Keep an answer sheet handy to read out the correct responses at the end. Whoever gets the most answers correct wins preferred seating at the reception (or some smaller token prize of your choosing)!



Bridal Bingo


It’s like regular Bingo, but wedding-themed! Design your own Bingo boards with the wedding staples of your choice laid out at random: dress, limo, champagne, garter, bouquet, toast, gifts and speeches. Wait, don’t forget cake! Each item goes on a slip of paper to be drawn at random. Get some confetti or other fun, themed Bingo markers to keep track. A party favor goes to the first guest to get five in a row!



Battle Of The Sexes


Because what engagement party game is complete without pitting the happy couple against each other? Compile two lists of things you expect most men to know, and one of information most women should know. The teams take turns asking the opposite sex questions. Questions can be answered as a team or asked directly to individuals and each team can make up questions on the fly. Whichever team comes out ahead is declared the champions and win eternal bragging rights, plus an engagement party favor, of course.



Mad Libs: Vows Edition


This is one of those engagement party games that is sure to have your guests laughing! Everyone’s favorite choose-a-word game is transformed into friends’ best attempt to help the happy couple write their wedding vows. It’s easy, just break up into groups of three or more. One person will ask the other team members for a series of words and write them down. Then just plug them into the vows template below. Whichever team is voted to have the funniest vows wins. To make your own, use the following “vows”: I, (name), take you, (name), to be my lawfully wedded (noun), to (verb) and to (verb), from this day forward, for better, for (plural noun), for richer, for (adjective), in (noun) and in health, until (noun) do us (verb).